Big Plans for a Financial Leader

It is in Spanish, and is entitled “David Osio celebra la iniciativa de la directiva de Davos Real Estate Group al desarrollar su nueva aplicación ‘Davos CAP Calculator'”. In English, the title and topic of the article alike would be something to the tune of: “David Osio Celebrates His Real Estate Group’s Directors’ Initiative In Developing His New Application ‘Davos CAP Calculator'”. It appears that David Osio has something to celebrate about indeed, as creating and publishing an app—let alone getting it approved, funded, and directed—-is hard enough work as it is….for any individual or company. It costs a lot of time, effort, persistence, and patience…as not all apps are approved for the market these days. The competition is fierce. Not all apps pass the test of reliability and user function with overall audience retention and attractiveness. They must have special superior qualities for sale and marketability as well….of which many fall short of the standard these days. It is only common. Davos CAP Calculator is a mobile app, according to the online article….which may be found at ( The article begins in describing it as such.

It appears that the Davis CAP Calculator is a unique and innovative tool designed to offer investors a financial vision which is far more clear than most in terms of acquiring a mobile property within the United States of America. Davos Real Estate Group has allied with Davos Financial Group in accomplishing such a task. The business objective of both groups is to offer mobile investment alternatives that will adjust to the financial expectations of their respective clients. To better achieve this goal, they rely on a team of experts who can assess sales, rents, grants, new developments, and all legal aspects associated with the related investments. Next they pose the question: What are the benefits of considering a mobile property as an active alternative within your investment portfolio? Well, to that it seems that the Financial Investment Committee of Davos Financial Group—-which, of course, is led by Mr. David Osio himself—-suggests considering investment within the mobile sector….as it could improve the rate of return for all parties involved. The rest of the article details why.

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Shea Butter Benefits for Your Skin

Shea butter is a product that is surrounded with mystery. Therefore, it is time to clear up a few facts and discuss the real benefits of pure Shea butter. Shea butter is a very nourishing and moisturizing product that is derived from the fruit of the Shea tree. Through the centuries, millions of African women have enjoyed the wonderful moisturizing and nourishing benefits of this remarkable product. Fortunately, pure Shea butter is readily available online, in drug stores, health stores, and beauty supplies stores today. Consequently, it is easy to enjoy those wonderful benefits and improve the condition of the skin.

Shea Butter Top Benefits
Of course, there are numerous reasons to start using Shea butter and make it a part of your regular skin care routine. However, the top benefits are the moisturizing effect that the product has on dry skin. Shea butter contains fatty acids and vitamins that protect the skin, while providing nourishment. In addition, the product has the ability to smooth those fine lines that are the result of aging or spending too much time in the sun. Many women believe that Shea butter is a very effective anti-wrinkle cream.

EuGenia Shea
Still, it is important to use only the purest Shea butter. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy the product from a source that only offers the purest Shea butter like EuGenia Shea. Their products contain pure Shea butter that is filled with anti-oxidants. EuGenia Shea works closely with a group in Ghana that produces the Shea butter. They supply EuGenia Shea with only the highest quality Shea butter. One of the best sources for Shea butter in the world.

EuGenia Shea’s model is a bit different from a large number of money driven corporations that are marketing products to the public. They are a family owned business with strong ties to Ghana and America. The company is on a mission to inform the world about the benefits that are associated with Shea butter, while helping to provide wages for female workers in Ghana. Part of the profits earned are donated to an educational fund in Ghana.

Goettl Air Conditioning and Reinvention of their business

If there is one thing that is inspiring, it is reinvention for the better. Imagine someone who is down on his luck, and is lacking the confidence. Now imagine that he has gone through a lot of changes that have brought with it confidence as well as competence. Something like that has happened with Goettl Air Conditioning. Prior to Ken Goodrich buying the franchise, the company lacked a lot of confidence on the part of the employees. They were also being faced with legal action as well as attacks from other competitors for the lackluster services that they have provided. Things were not looking good for the air conditioning service provider.
Goettl Building off Rock-solid Foundation

KEn Goodrich has turned that around and laid a good foundation for them to turn it around and become one of the more respected air conditioning companies in the industry. It only took 18 months for Goodrich to put Goettl on track towards reaching new goals. However, they had a lot of work ahead of them when it came to changing their reputation. However, they have managed it. They have gone from a company that people laugh and scoff at to a company that people trust for air conditioning services.
Ken Goodrich is someone that has brought the company back out of the funk that it has fell into as a result of a threat for legal action. When the company was faced with a lawsuit, there was a loss of key people. Things looked pretty bleak for Goettl until Ken Goodrich has taken over. One thing this says about Goodrich is that he knows how to inspire people. Ken had a vision, and he knew how to communicate that vision so that people would be willing to get on board. Goettl has restablished its reputation and has gained back a lot of customers as well as some new ones.

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Laying The Law Down on Laidlaw and Company

Laidlaw suffered another slap in the face when Relmada Therapeutics announced they were amending their complaint against the company to include a charge of fiduciary indiscretion when Laidlaw and Company allegedly disclosed financial information about Relmada that Laidlaw was privy to.

The case that Relmada has filed against Laidlaw is seeking monetary reparations for the damage that was incurred by Laidlaw when they were acting as the investment banker for Relmada. After releasing the news of the additional charge, Relmada issued a letter directed at stockholders to assure them and inform them of the actions being taken to protect their interests.

This doesn’t really surprise me as Laidlaw have a reputation for being slimy. Their two principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, essentially run a chop-shop version of an investment bank. Have you seen the movies “Boiler Room” or “Wolf of Wall Street”? That is what it is like, or at least that is what the word on the street is. They even scam their own employees.

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Lime Crime Makeup Is Modern, Gorgeous, Bold And A Little Bit Naughty

Some of the best business minds weren’t always sure their company could actually work, please customers or even get off the ground. Doe Deere had those thoughts in 2008, but she also had a lot of guts, determination and beautiful taste in colors to establish her makeup brand known as Lime Crime.

These days, the bright, bold makeup, like stuff you’ve never seen before, has attracted a major fan base worldwide. Lime Crime is riding high with 2.2 million Instagram followers, a very successful online shopping website and a strong social media presence. Not bad for the little girl from Russia who dreamed large and made it all happen.

The beautiful lavender-haired Doe Deere sat down to speak with GaloreMag about her amazing ride to the top with humble beginnings.

When her family moved to New York City, Doe Deere realized that many opportunities awaited her, and with her creativity and imagination, fearlessly established her own makeup company called Lime Crime in 2008. Today, that name still holds and is quite unforgettable.

In fact, Doe Deere’s hard work and palettes of gorgeous lipsticks, eye shadows and liners have captured many hearts, naming her as one of Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. That puts her in well-respected company with other great female minds like Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington.

Lime Crime is bold and a bit naughty, allowing women and men, too, self-expression with modern looks like banana yellow or bright blue lipstick or even rusty red shadows from her cult fave Grunge Palette.

Her wild and crazy colors allow the user to break all the beauty rules, and when big, glam stars like Katy Perry are wearing some Lime Crime on the red carpet, then you know you have arrived.  Buy for yourself on Doll’s Kill, or check out more pictures on the Lime Crime facebook feed.

George Soros Demands that World Help Ukraine

George Soros is a famous hedge-fund manager with a compassionate side, and he has recently released articles arguing for debt relief to the struggling Ukraine. in the past two years the country has seen immense social change, and there was a political revolution that led to the departure of the former president. Additionally, the country has faced immense pressure from Russia and minimal help from the world community.

Soros recently published this article in the New Yorker, in which he details his support for policies that aim to help a struggling Ukraine. He starts by detailing the current financial crisis in Russia, and explains how this drop in oil prices coupled with financial restrictions has dealt a severe blow to the Russian economy.

Russia is quite dependent on oil as a natural resource, and the country has oil as a primary export. Because of this, the country is susceptible to budgeting issues if there is a drop in oil prices, and prices have fallen dramatically compared to a few years ago. In the era of global financial markets and interdependent world trade, no country is interested in war. The United States and European Union are trying to curtail Russian aggression against Ukraine by using financial instruments. However, these sanctions are far from perfect, and end up doing damage to citizens in Russia and around the world. While this is preferable to actual violence, the world would still prefer to reach a more diplomatic solution.

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George Soros – Project Syndicate

George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

George Soros proposes a diplomatic solution that might help both parties. He suggests that the United States and world authorities ought to offer debt relief to Ukraine. Their recent political revolution is an incredible expression of the will of the people, and this democratic reform process should be bolstered by economic support from the world community.

Additionally, a stronger Ukraine would be a net positive for the global community, as there are untapped investment opportunities available in the country. The country has a large amount of natural gas and other natural resources, which could be tapped and exported to bring in revenue. The region used to have a strong tourism industry, and a weakened Russia and international investment in the country could bring the industry back to life.

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How to Get Perfect Hair with Wen by Chaz

Perfect is a word that very few can agree upon its definition–except when it comes to hair. Hair that has reached true perfection tends to be voluminous, shiny, and simply healthy. Unfortunately, very few products or home remedies can deliver this greatness; only one delivers it all: Wen by Chaz.

These high-quality hair care products work on all sorts of hair; fine, dry, short, long, and already healthy hair are further transformed into their natural, intended state. Potent fragrances, like mint, fig, mandarin, almonds, and milk are concentrated into every pump. The advantages are soon to follow. Still skeptical about these products? Let Emily change your mind!

Emily McClure has, what she refers to as being, fine hair. In need of a change, she decided to begin using Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner with each normal wash for one week. Of course, she reported the results:

  • Immediately soft hair upon rinsing.
  • Greasy roots the following day (day 2), but that was the result of residue from the previous wash.
  • Shiny hair by day 3.
  • Hair that was unable to hold curls from an iron as normal, but that was the result of well-protected strands that were totally heat-resistant.
  • Full hair from root to tip.
  • Friends that began to take notice.

The proof is always in the experiment, and Emily McClure radiated that fact from her smile to her perfect hair. For more information visit the Wen official YouTube Channel. Wen is available on Amazon.

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Exploring the Musical World of Norka Luque

Norka Luque is a living example of what positive stories and dreams can do when it comes to pursuing life. At a young age, Norka Luque realized that her first love was music and from then going forward, she has not wavered off that goal. Through her music she is preaching messages of hope and positive living. The support and love she got from her parents while growing up saw her begin her voice practice, piano, and flamenco lessons at the same time pursuing her education.

Working With Producer Emilio Estefan Jr

It was while taking her Business Administration course in France that Norka Luque met with her current producer Emilio Estefan Junior, an accomplished producer. She had been singing as part of a music band when Estefan noticed her talent and work and gave her an opportunity to pursue music at a professional level. Norka Luque had suffered a personal crisis which made her realize that to live is a miracle. Therefore, getting an internal platform to share her experiences through music and working with Estefan was indeed a dream come true.


Luque, alongside her counterpart El Cata, is currently promoting her song MILAGRO. The attributes the success of the song to a group of dedicated people who helped her in writing and producing the song. It was written by Hermanos Gaitan and produced by Estefan. Currently, the song is a huge hit in the US, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela; and is making a debut as one among coveted Latin Music Billboards as a favorite.

Preaching Hope Messages

Luque, in her own words, believes that every artist has the responsibility to preach positive messages to their fans; the lyrics in their compositions appeal to their deepest emotional ends. She firmly believes that both societal evolution and music are bonded and every day fresh rhythms and genres are born. However, the beauty of the message in the song should prevail. Luque, through her song Milagro wants to preach hope to anyone around the world undergoing similar problems as her. The song is a dedication to people who live daily hoping for a miracle. Her life is a product of faith, and the experiences have taught her to appreciate life and live every day pursuing her life’s dream of singing. Through her songs, Luque spreads nothing but love for everyone listening to her music. Find Norka Luque on Facebook to learn more.

Bob Reina Makes Video Conferencing Easier With Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is the unexpected CEO that has made a fortunate with Talk Fusion. He is not a technology guru, but he was able to capitalize on technology because he had an excellent idea. I think that he has a fortune that is well-deserved because he has done such a great job with putting his idea out there for the rest of the world to see. He had a friend that helped him implement the idea, and the rest is history for the criminal justice major turned CEO.

I have used the Talk Fusion software, and I must say that it is quite impressive to have a software program where I can compose and send video email. That is something that I have wanted to do for many years, but I could not find a program that would allow me to do so. Now I have this type of program, and I have told everyone that I know how impressive Talk Fusion was for me.

The Talk Fusion software is quite impressive to anyone that may be interested in providing a unique spin on a newsletter or an email. Bob Reina has done wonders for emails, but that is not the only thing that he has placed his stamp of approval on. Bob has managed to become a powerful technology leader that has also managed to bring forth a lot of new technology like HD web conferencing. This is software that has allowed him to branch out and build a great video conferencing platform.

He has become someone that has other goals and priorities that he tends to. This is impressive because it shows that he is human just like the rest of us. It shows that he can still love technology, but he also has other desires as well. I believe that his technology is great, but his philanthropy is what makes me patronize him and this Talk Fusion brand.


The Community 5-star Facility Manse on Marsh

Assisted Living facilities are always looking for ways to improve their reviews and achieve 5-star ratings. This rating helps families to choose the facility that will care for their loved one. It a facility receives a 4-star rating they are usually lower on the list of preferred facilities. Achieving the 5 star is not easy. The facility will meet standards that are high. The reviews will come from the families and residents that are in the facility or familiar. The Manse on Marsh in San Luis Obispo is happy that they are announcing their fifth 5-star review rating in the past year. This honor is almost impossible to achieve but they did it. CEO Andy recently was recorded stating that the Manse should be congratulated for their review rating. This is indeed a high honor for a facility.

What makes the facility so great? The Manse on Marsh offers a care plan system for their residents. The care plan system helps each resident to receive the help they need without paying for help they do not need. Some senior adults may need help remembering to take their medications. Some may even need the help administering their medications. Some may need help getting into the tub or shower. They may be able to bathe themselves but unable to step up or adjust the water temperature. These issues may cause the resident to need a care plan for Activities of Daily Living. This is not the only things that residents may need help with but it is a few that are popular.

The crew also does laundry and cleans the residents rooms. The kitchen staff pride themselves on the good food they serve in the open dining area. Each time you walk into the dining room for a meal you can feel like you are dining in a 5-star restaurant. After dinner, you can stroll around and talk with your friends or enjoy yourself with one of the many activities that are scheduled. Check out the 5-star article in PR.