Lovaganza Announces Its Much Anticipated Launch Dates

The Lovaganza experience was originally set to launch back in 2015. The recent announcement of their 2020 launch date has put everybody into high anticipation once again. Heavily inspired by every region and people around the world, the series of attractions, films and live events are sure to stun the crowds.

The reason for the delay of the shows release is to take advantage of the entertainment industry’s increased technology on CelebMafia.com. The intention is to get the most immersive and accurate depiction of these performances and to convey the nuances of the many cultures worldwide. With the focus being on the betterment of humanity around the globe, there are many who are working to see this through and to make it a staggering success. Their traveling show will be underway in 2017 to promote and entertain.

Lovaganza will pave the way for the 2020 celebrations to came and give the people a chance to test out a brand new 3D technology. This 3D movie experience is said to be used without the need of glasses. When you couple this new and exciting technology with a group of amazingly talented people, you’re bound to be fully entertained. This new tech will be announced along with three films that will be implementing the experience.

Lovaganza is looking for the most groundbreaking experience possible to make the intended impression.

The undertaking for the Lovaganza experience is a massive one. This is sure to be a trendsetter in the best of ways. With the prime goal being to improve the quality of life around the planet, this is one undertaking that is well worth the time and the effort. From California to Mumbai and Spain to name a few locations, the filming crews and teams of actors are hard at work all over the world to bring this creation to life.

Truly the world is in need of loving kindness more than ever. It is projects like these that are going to help open the eyes and the hearts of many people from all walks of life. There is a lot of information on this fantastic project out there.

Learn more about Lovaganza: http://www.lovaganza.com/news

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Learning all About Wessex Institute

of Technology, located in the New Forest National Park, in the South of England. Their overall goal is to have a series of knowledge exchange mechanisms. They encourage the exchange between academics and professionals in the Technology industry.
The Institute was formed by Carlos Brebbia in 1986. It succeeded Computations Mechanics Institute. The Institute focuses on three core areas. Research, Publishing and Conferences. The Institute organises an annual event on Design and Nature.

Several of the Conferences that have been held and are to be held in 2016, include Big Data, Defence Heritage, Islamic Heritage Architecture, Sustainable Tourism, Risk Analysis, Comprail, AFM, Energy Quest, Heat Transfer, Design and Nature, HPSM/Optic, BEM/MRM, MARAS, Sustainable Development and Planning.

Wessex Institute of Technology is best known for advance science and engineering research. It consists of researchers and others who are attempting to keep up with the extreme advances being made in all fields. As a trained researcher you will be in extreme demand by many companies.

The Institute has had a number of high achievements. They have had several innovations come directly from the Institute and be used in industry. They are dedicated to the highest level of research and postgraduate training courses. Researchers work closely together in an effort to push innovation. They discuss their ideas on a daily basis to get feedback.

There is a range of activities set up by the staff of the Wessex Institute of Technology and the jobs they are associated with. Over time the Institute has developed a large network of knowledgeable people and links to business throughout the world.

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The Benefits of Choosing FreedomPop

If the phone bills are looking to be more expensive than normal or the family is growing so much that it is too expensive for each family member to have a phone, try FreedomPop, a new cheap alternative that offers high quality services to those who are also on a budget. FreedomPop was founded recently in 2014 by Stephen Stokols, an innovator and a leading member of the technology industry. As an innovator, Stephen Stokols found a way to now make a mobile carrier more accessible to even some of the most impoverished regions around the world. The idea was to make mobile carriers a right of every individual rather than a luxury to purchase.

As technology continues to progress, it has almost become a requirement to have a cell phone and a mobile carrier. Though FreedomPop was only founded in 2014, it has already become an international sensation and is quickly becoming a popular product to purchase in different countries around the world. What makes this product unique is the fact that it uses wifi hot spots for connection rather than cellphone towers. In addition to this feature, FreedomPop also offers data services to be purchased rather than the actual data connection which is what makes the phone bill so expensive.

The data services that are offered by FreedomPop include texting, voice calls, as well as data. As a way to prove to the customer that this method is the cheaper option, Stephen Stokols and his company offer free services to the customer for a small monthly fee. These free services include 500 texts, 200 voice minutes, as well as 500 MB of data. All of these services carry over each month for free. This plan is the best plan for those individuals who only need a plan for communication purposes or for emergency purposes.

The high quality services that are provided are provided through the Sprint network. This plan means that for any Sprint users who wish to switch to FreedomPop, the can can be immediate and does not involve a phone to be exchanged. This gives the customer of FreedomPop more phone options to choose from that also come at a cheaper price. Though this option is a great purchase for city dwellers all over the world, keep in mind that FreedomPop is still setting up ways for coverage to be in even the most rural places.

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Putting The Earth First – Eucatex

As most of the general population knows, our beloved planet is becoming more and more polluted with every passing day. Due to careless dumping of nuclear waste, overcrowded landfills, deforestation, and other contributing factors; our precious Earth is dying. With concern for our planet and our overall well-being, many companies have turned to ecological solutions for their products. One of those conscious-minded companies are Eucactex.

Eucatex is a Brazilian based corporation that focuses on producing a wide selection of flooring and other home improvement items by using eco-friendly materials. The company was established in 1951 with the goal of preserving the environment and creating quality goods. Eucatex uses eucalyptus fiber for their wooden panels and was the first company of its kind in Brazil.

The enterprise began as just a small mill, but later expanded branches in 50 other countries, including the U.S, Mexico, and the Netherlands; with the help of a talented mechanical engineer by the name of Flavio Maluf. Maluf is also a lawyer and successful entrepreneur. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) in São Paulo in and even studied abroad for a year at NYU. Maluf began his career with Eucatex in 1987 by working in the trading department. Later he transferred to the industrial area where he stayed until he became a part of the frame executives Eucatex Group in 1996.

The award winning Flavio Maluf proved to be a valuable part of the company and was elected president and CEO of Eucatex. He is also the president of Grand Foods, a wholesale food distributor. With Eucatex under the direction of Maluf, the enterprise began to engage in reforestation. The company now solely uses the resources and materials that they grow in their renewable forests to ensure that they are not contributing to erosion and deforestation.

Maluf is equally as concerned about the community and his employees as he is about the well-being of our planet. He participates in local charity events and volunteer programs. Flavio has lead Eucatex to partner with many groups, and it has been beneficial to both the groups they’ve collaborated with and the environment.

Flavio Maluf is credited for revolutionizing Eucatex and turning it into a global competitor in the construction industry. He is devoted to his business and taking extra steps to preserve the world around us. Maluf has ensured that Eucatex has the experience, global reach, and confidence that it needs to thrive in both the Brazilian and worldwide markets.  Check out Flavio’s blog for more information.

Seattle Genetics is Thriving Under the Lead of Clay Siegall

Seattle Genetics‘ Second Quarter 2016 Financial Results Earnings call recently occurred on Tuesday July 26, 2016. Peggy Pinkston, Executive Director of Corporate Communications, opened the call with a preface that the call would include only forward-looking statements regarding future events and the future of the company, by means of both financial and operating structure. Dr. Clay Siegall, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics, followed up by expressing his excitement and satisfaction regarding the progress made by Seattle Genetics recently. This primarily includes the development of ADCETRIS into a major franchise.

Seattle Genetics (SGEN) Clay B. Siegall on Q2 2016 Results – Earnings Call Transcript
ADCETRIS is an antibody drug conjugate (ADC) marked as an orphan drug for patients with the CD30-expressing cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL), a blood cancer involving the skin. Notably, a randomized phase 3 clinical trial with ADCETRIS successfully met it’s primary endpoint while demonstrating highly statistically significant improvement in 131 patients over a minimum four month time course. Further, Seattle Genetics is hot on the trail of several other ADCs with promote antitumor activity in solid tumors, urothelial cancer, and breast cancer. Financial highlights include second quarter revenues of $95.4 million, comprised of ADCETRIS net sales of $66.2 million from it’s commercial sales in 65 countries worldwide.

Holding a PhD in genetics from George Washington University followed by a brief stint at the National Cancer Institure and 6 years with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Dr. Clay Siegall was well suited to co-found Seattle Genetics in 1998; he currently holds the positions of President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Over the past 18 years, Seattle Genetics has built a diverse pipeline of antibody-based therapies for cancer patients. Impressively, Dr. Siegall has authored over 70 publications and holds 15 patents while securing funding for Seattle Genetics totaling over $675 million. In addition to his success at Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall also serves on the Board of Directors of Alder BioPharmaceuticals, Mirna Therapeutics, and Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals.