Whistleblowers start speaking about violations against the SEC

Time to time, news makes it to the public that one company or the other has been caught engaging in insider trading. However, there are still many deals that happen in secret, and the people who witness the deals being made are too scared to come out and speak against it. This is the reason why incentives such as rewarding the people that report these mistakes were put in place by the SEC. In response to these, firms such as Labaton Sucharow LLP have been set up to specifically deal with such cases. Recently, a lawyer was awarded a whopping $17 million for availing information that pointed towards a trade irregularity.

The SEC does everything possible to recover the money involved in the scam and when it does, 30 percent is awarded as a reward to the whistleblower.

The particular case that was reported was handled in a manner that allowed for the anonymity of the client to be maintained and also the details of the case to be kept a secret. In addition to that, details about the case aren’t supposed to be given during the presentation of the award because this could lead to the accused figuring out who blew the whistle and this could lead to retribution.

The SEC Whistleblower lawyer represented the firm at the awards. He stated that it wasn’t everyday people get to see such courage, especially in cases that include the loss of such huge amounts of money. He was optimistic that the measures put in place to protect the whistleblowers would be improved so that more people could find the confidence to come forward.

Another interesting thing about the case is the fact that the whistleblower is not supposed to attend the ceremony. This is supposed to help in keeping the anonymity of the person. The government has put in place a fund that ensures that all the whistleblowers have been awarded. Funds are added to the account every year.

The two legislations that made this possible are the consumer protection act and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act. Through the acts, whistleblowers are able to tell what they know without fear. The firm Labaton and Sucharow is where the SEC whistleblower attorney who brought this case to light practices law.

Raj Fernando’s Hiring Approach

Once the markets open, the trading floor is always busy and intense. However, the situation experienced in Chopper Trading’s break room is somehow opposite. It is not surprising that in a 3000 square-foot room, you will come across 150 workers of Chopper Trading lifting weights or playing poker games or table tennis. Moreover, after work, Chopper Trading’s employees perhaps take the advantage of the season’s ticket to go out and cheer on the Sox, Cubs, Bulls, and Blackhawks. Raj Fernando, Chopper Tradining’s Chief Operating Officer acknowledges that the nature of the business is always stressful, and therefore embarks on maintaining a pleasant working environment.

When it comes to hiring, Raj Fernando approaches it differently from his competitors. While competitors select 30 potential candidates, subject them to a rigorous screening and training process and pick only three and fires the rest, Raj Fernando’s approach is different. His hiring approach is somehow opposite since it is lengthy and involving. As such, Raj Fernando hires dedicated professionals who probably works for him until their retirement.

Raj Fernando founded Chopper Trading in 2002 and from the onset, he established a rule that would government recruitment process. Under Fernando’s regime, Chopper Trading would focus on the value that an employee would bring to the organization’s brand and reputation but monetary value. As a philanthropist, Fernando supported several charitable organizations such as the Wounded Warrior and the Clinton Foundation.

About Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Scoutahead. Before establishing Scoutahead, Raj Fernando served as the chief executive officer of Chopper Trading. He attended Beloit College to pursue a post-graduate degree in History and Economics. Furthermore, Raj Fernando would also study business-related courses at London University College. His career started at Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a volunteer staff before his way up as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Raj Fernando held different positions at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange before being appointed as the board member from 1991 to 2002. After realizing a gap in the capital trade market, Raj Fernando founded Chopper Trading in 2002. In 2004, Raj Fernando left Chicago Mercantile Exchange to concentrate on his businesses and philanthropic activities.

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Omar Boraie And Boraie Development Are Working To Revitalize New Brunswick

Boraie Development is a New Brunswick, New Jersey based real estate development firm founded by businessman Omar Boraie. Boraie emigrated from Egypt to the United States in 1970 to attend college and get a doctorate in Chemistry. Instead he succumbed to the siren call of the real estate market. His firm, Boraie Development, has been responsible for building a number of major commercial and residential projects in New Brunswick, Newark and Atlantic City in New Jersey. Boraie Development is an offshoot of a real estate agency Omar Boraie founded in 1972. The company was created to serve the Central New Jersey housing market and has offices in Dayton and New Brunswick.

Currently Boraie Development is building a New York style condominium development on boraie.com on Spring Street in downtown New Brunswick. One of Omar Boraie’s sons and business partner, Wasseem Boraie, says nothing in New Jersey rivals the super-high-end project being done by architect Kondylis & Partners and it will attract the prosperous to New Brunswick. The stupendous project is being built on a long forsaken site by a company with deep roots in the area and would love to see interest in New Brunswick revived. The project would bolster the area’s tax base and be of great benefit to the city.

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Omar Boraie remembers how burnt out and dilapidated the 1968 race riots left the neighborhood in which he’s currently building the upscale condominium development. He made an earlier attempt to begin to revitalize the area when his company built a two-tower commercial building nearby in 1985. The gamble paid off. Today the headquarters of Boraie Development is in the area along with the headquarters of pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson and several commercial properties Boraie owns.

The 25-story residential tower Boraie Development is building will offer 120 apartments with one, two, or three bedrooms, full balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows on cinj.org. Most will be two-bedroom units in a wide array of designs priced between $400,000 and mid-$500,000. One bedroom condos prices will start at $350,000 while three-bedroom penthouse units will cost significantly more. The development will feature a fitness center, glass-enclosed pool and a 425-space, seven-story garage with a community garden on top. Residents can see the nearby Raritan River from the roof garden and the tower.

Boraie is taking underutilized land parcels on boraierealty.com in New Brunswick and transforming them into exciting, high-quality products designed to brighten the future of the city.

TOWN Residential Provides a Plethora of Dwellings

TOWN Residential may be a fairly new company in the NYC Residential scene, but this company is growing at an alarming rate. There is already a 10th office that is being opened in the Meat Packing District. There is also a brokerage firm, Thomas and Ingram, that will be joining TOWN Residential on West 14th Street.

A lot of new companies fold within the first year. It has been reported that more than half of new businesses fail within the first year. TOWN Residential has been going strong for 3 years, and the end result is a business that has expanded to 10 locations. It may be unheard of for fairly new businesses, but most new businesses do not have Andrew Heiberger leading the way. He has been able to push TOWN Residential to the top in the real estate industry, and much of this has to do with all of the residential properties that are available. A plethora of people have seen the luxury listings that are available through the TOWN Residential website. There are many residents in the city of New York that are moving from one spot to another. They may need a realtor every other year as layoffs occur and people look for work in other areas. This is not uncommon.

Fortunately, TOWN Residential has a high number of properties that are available for people that are looking for some Manhattan luxury. There are multi-million dollar properties that are going to be listed on the TOWN Residential website. People can instantly see the properties that are available through the website and get an idea of how this fits into their professional and personal life. Some people may have great jobs where they are, but they may want to move closer to their jobs. Others may have the desire to move further away from where they work and move closer to where they hang out. TOWN Residential makes all these desires a reality. All people have to do is find a section of Manhattan that fits their lifestyle.

The TOWN Residential listings are interesting because this company even highlights the new developments that have not been completed just yet. People have the ability to find out about waiting lists and get on board early for new developments that are underway. TOWN Residential is growing because it had bountiful agents and listings for properties. The number of agents that are available will give people access to a wide range of different styled dwellings. Some people may have the desire to rent an apartment. Others may want a Brownstone. Still, there are others that want condos. Fortunately, TOWN Residential gives people access to all of this in New York.

Norka Luque: a Doer and Dreamer

Norka is an influential figure in the Venezuelan music industry and a name to be reckoned with for her musical prowess. Her story is one of motivation for many people, her sheer talent and willpower has got Norka to the position she is in today.

Her first breakthrough was offered to her by producer Emilio Estefan who put his faith in the young musician and released her first album “Miracle”. The album’s song Milagro has been a hit in international music stations across United States, Puerto Rico and Venezuela and has already made a debut in the Latin Music Billboards. The song has influence of different music from all over the world ranging from Caribbean, reggae to Mediterranean music.

Norka’s first single came in the year 2011 called “As you do it” which earned her many accolades and nominations. She was had an important nomination to Premios Lo Nuestro 2011 for the best pop female artist.

The beginning of 2012 saw Norka unveiling her second single “Miracle” written by Archie pena which has been produced in many versions like the salsa version by Cucco Pena, a dance version by DJ Ralphi Rosario. The latest version of the song features El Cata.

The 2012 Billboard Bash got together many International and Venezuelan music artists who performed under the same platform and was hosted by TV crash and Guad. Many artists performed and NorkaLuque also happened to be one of the performers of the night.

At present Norka is working towards her next single called “Tomorrowland” which is slated to release in 2016.

Early life

Norka had a passion for music since an early age and was committed to making it big in the music industry. Her parents provided their full unconditional support in their daughter’s endeavor. She began her training with vocal practice at a local academy. She also pursued other avenues of music by training in piano, flamenco and ballet all the while she was pursuing her education. As a kid, she participated in various music competitions which according to her provided a confidence boost for her upcoming career ahead in the field of music.

Norka went for higher studies in France where she studied Business administration. She also took to studying culinary, marketing and fashion during her brief time in the country. She also joined a band called Bad Moon Rising which gave her a opportunity to sharpen her singing skills and develop into a solo professional. It was after 4 years that Norka got a chance to showcase herself in the music industry under the guidance of Emilio Estefan.

M&A Advisor Announces Madison Street Capital as a Finalist in its 15th Annual Awards

MSC was announced as a finalist in the 15th annual awards to be held by the M&A Advisor. The awards are regarded highly in the financial industry as they reflect a high degree of achievement. They recognize financing and restructuring, deal making excellence as well as celebrate the achievements or contributions made by leading professionals or firms. Madison Street Capital received two nominations; Industrials Deal of the Year (Under $100MM) and the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year – International. The first nomination recognizes MSC’s crucial role during Dowco’s acquisition process of Acuna & Asociados S.A. The Managing Director of MSC, Karl D’Cunha, led the whole process.
Charles Botchway, the founder and CEO of Madison Street expressed his pleasure in helping Dowco, their longstanding client, acquire Acuna & Asociados S.A. Further, he expressed delight for being nominated for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year – International. He added that his dealmakers work untiringly over different time zones to ensure MSC’s clients are connected to the emerging and growing businesses to suit their different needs in success and continued growth. Karl D’Cunha, the senior managing director of the International investment firm explained the complexity of the acquisition process. It was a cross-border form of transaction that came with various rigors and a number of moving parts that had to be taken care of completely. He stated that it did feel great being recognized for that achievement.
The winners of these awards are expected to be known during the official gala of the 15th Annual M&A Advisor awards to be held on Wednesday, November 9 2016, inside the New York Athletic Club.
About MSC
MSC is an international investments firm that is committed to excellence, integrity, leadership and service in delivering services to its customers. It offers financial opinions, corporate finance advisory services, expertise in mergers and acquisitions and valuation services to businesses that are public and some privately held. All these service are undertaken by MSC to ensure that it positions its clients to a position that will ensure their success. Madison Street Capital’s reputation is well known as it undertakes every new project by taking every client’s objectives and goals as if they belong to the firm.
As an international investment firm, MSC offers services that arrange from flourishing capital raises, financial advisory, M&A transactions and transfers of ownership. The firm views the emerging markets as the key component that directs the international growth of clients. This makes the firm to focus more on the significant assets present in such markets. MSC has managed to earn trust from clients all over the globe due to its reputation in applying an unwavering dedication to ensure the highest professional level standards.

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The origin and importance of SEC Whistleblower Program

SEC whistleblowers have become an important part of the society. They have been bringing to light criminal activities that happen in various institutions and companies. The Whistleblowers Program came to be following a legislation by Congress. It is best known as the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The impact of this legislation on financial regulation in the United States is significant, especially after the 2008 economic downturn.

The Dodd-Frank Act protects whistleblowers from fear, harm or intimidation. Informers uncover irregularities and actions against the federal securities laws. They report them to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It is a risky affair, and if you are not under protection, you could be victimized. Protecting the Whistleblowers ensures that they are safe from the people who they have reported as some may wish to revenge.

Labaton Sucharow is one of the law firms offering legal services to informers. They saw this as an opportunity to represent Whistleblowers. A SEC Whistleblower Attorney both on and off the court represents the SEC Whistleblowers. Labaton Sucharow being the pioneer in providing such attorneys is still in the lead. They have many years of experience and remain trusted by many clients.

The firm has several specialists to help the SEC Whistleblower Lawyer to have a strong case against the defendant. The team comprises of forensic accountants, financial analysts, and investigators. They have the required experience to handle simple and complex cases.

Jordan A. Thomas is the leader of Labaton Sucharow. Mr. Thomas previously worked at the SEC. He served as the Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel in the Division of Enforcement and as the Assistant Director. He was among those who came up with the Whistleblowers Program. His experience gives him a clear understanding of what lawyers need to represent informers well.

The SEC rewards whistleblowers for every successful enforcement action. Whistleblowers receive up to 30% of the money lost or any penalty imposed on the wrongdoer. They also stand to get more if the money in question is more than $1 million. The reward motivates the Whistleblowers to ensure that all illegalities reach the SEC desk.

The Dodd-Frank Act also protects Whistleblowers against the companies they work for. In case the SEC Whistleblower reports something about the company, he or she cannot be fired or mistreated. The Whistleblowers also have the option of not disclosing their identities. In such a case, an attorney must represent them. This way, no one will have anything against the SEC Whistleblowers.

Low-Income Earners Hope of Owning Homes

It is such a pleasant feeling to know that you own a home, away from the hustle and bustle of having to pay rent to your landlord. In Dallas Texas, many individuals are struggling to build or even purchase their homes due to the high cost of owning one. NexBank is giving new hope to low income earners in Dallas Texas to own a home. The financial institution has partnered with organisations like Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity and Dallas Neighborhood Homes to provide homes for residents who live in the southern parts of Dallas. Dallas Neighborhood Homes is a non-profitable organisation that its primary purpose is to offer mortgage services to Dallas people.
The program that NexBank and the two institutions are offering is named Affordable Housing Loan Program. The organisations have a strategic plan of providing more 100 low-income earners in Dallas with loans, a plan that will run for five years. The financial institution has agreed to provide the loans for the next five years, and it has committed $50 million to the funding of the program. The program is a huge benefit to low income earners in the long run as most of them do not qualify for mortgage loans. The Chief Operating Officer and the Vice President of NexBank Matt Siekielski mentioned that the Bank was pleased to partner with the two organisation that a record of helping low-income earners in Texas own homes.
NexBank is a leading financial organization that for a long time has had the mandate of offering financial products and services including corporate banking, mortgage services, as well as commercial banking. Since its inception, it has to provide their services to the large corporation, real estate investors, middle market companies, small business institutions, as well as other banks.
The financial institution has strong leadership, management as well as a team that is devoted to offering the best services to their clients. NexBank was charted in1922, and its asset is about $3.5 billion.

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