Dubai Billionaire Hussein Sajwani Ready to Do More Deals with Trumps

UAE national Hussain Sajwani is a serial and successful business visionary with over three years of expertise in pioneering and growing fast-paced enterprises. He is the founder, proprietor and Chairman of worldwide combination DAMAC Group, a multi-billion dollar company situated in Dubai and with operations in more than 20 countries. Hussain Sajwani ‘s expertise and experience in the property development field from sales, marketing, finance, administration and legal is one of the key drivers of the organization’s prosperity and today has several major projects in key world key Cities like Dubai, Amman, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Beirut, London, Jeddah, and Riyadh. As an adroit businessperson and financial specialist, Sajwani likewise has unquestionable track records of fruitful forays in the worldwide value and capital markets. He presently holds business portfolios of securities in various provincial and worldwide markets. Hussain Sajwani has additionally served in several boards including the Al Ahlia Insurance in Bahrain, Majan University College in Muscat Oman, Emirates Takaful Company in Abu Dhabi and JUNO Online in New York.

After thriving in DAMAC Properties, the Dubai desert Kingdom, the developer and billionaire Hussein Sajwani is seeking to improve his business association with Donald Trump’s real estate company, the Trump Organization. The two titans in real estate who celebrated the eve of the New Year together have now teamed up on the Trump International Golf Club, the place where luxury villas have piled on nearly $2 billion in deals. In the mid-90’s, Hussain Sajwani built different hotels for accommodation of the rising influx of people who come to Emirate to trade and business. In 2002, he recognized the market opportunity and built up DAMAC Properties, which has become the one of the biggest property development firm in Middle East. DAMAC Properties employs about 2000 workers and is a publicly-listed firm with shares exchanged in the Dubai Financial Market. The organization has one of the best track records in the luxurious property development market and to date have built more than 16,800 homes an establishment portfolio of more than 44,000 units at different phases of planning and progress. It is the entrepreneurial skills of Hussain Sajwani that have led to the extraordinary development of DAMAC.

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With A Pledge Of $1.5M, Omar Boraie Plans To Aid Cancer Research As Part Of ‘18 Chair Challenge’

Omar Boraie, from Boraie Development is the third generation in a family of development tycoons in the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Boraie initially came to the United States to pursue a Ph.D. in chemistry, but entered the world of real estate after it peaked his interest leading him to where he is today.

Omar is one of the most prominent figures in New Brunswick, and rightly so, as he has made tremendous efforts towards the upliftment of the community. Boraie is on the board of directors for Elijah’s Promise, a non-profit organization that offers meals to the homeless. But it isn’t just NGOs that he helps out. Boraie also does his bit to contribute towards the betterment of society through science.

According to an article published by NewsWise, in his efforts to thrust forward the progress we are making today towards cancer research, Boraie pledged a total of $1.5 million towards the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey as part of their Rutgers University’s ‘18 Chair Challenge’.

In an effort to raise money for cancer research, The University started a ‘Chair Challenge.’ As part of his contribution, Boraie was awarded the ‘Omar Boraie Chair’ which serves as an expression of gratitude towards people contributing to the development of research. According to Bloomberg, it is one of the highest honors which expresses the utmost commitment to a university towards a particular field. The challenge also includes a part in which an anonymous contributor has pledged to give a $1.5 million match to each of 18 new chairs resulting in a $3 million donation for each chair.

Scientists at the Rutgers Cancer Institute have already made progress in providing patients, whose cancer has reached a nonresponsive stage with care and treatment. With Boraie’s contribution, they plan to apply this research to various other kinds of cancers as well.

Mr. Sam Boraie has always strive to make the city of New Brunswick a city where healthcare is given the highest importance and where people have access to the best medical facilities. His contribution towards the Institute will have a notable impact on cancer research and future cancer treatments. They believe that with his generous contribution, they will now be able to have access to new clinical technology which will allow for a new understanding of the development and treatment of cancer, providing cancer patients a new hope in the years to come.


The Success Of InnovaCare Health Under Penelope Kokkinides And Rick Shinto

InnovaCare Health is among the premier providers of quality healthcare services. It provides Medicaid as well as Medicare Advantage plans. In addition, InnovaCare health offers physician practice services. The company uses cost effective and sustainable models. These models are wholly integrated with new technologies on In Puerto Rico, the company runs two Medicare Advantage plans, which are PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. The membership of the plans is almost 200,000 people. More than 7,500 providers serve them.

Additionally, InnovaCare runs two Medicaid Plans in Puerto Rico under the Government Health Plan, which offers extensive benefit coverage via a coordinated care model. The company’s top priority remains to be the patients. In the dynamic healthcare industry, InnovaCare strives to provide innovative care to patients around North America. Every day, the company endeavors to fulfill its objective of changing healthcare management in order to meet the current healthcare challenges.
So far, InnovaCare continues to do a remarkable job due to its talented and industry experienced leadership team on Yahoo. These professionals have served in the healthcare industry for more than two decades. They have played an instrumental role in the growth of the company. Some of the experts that have contributed this success include Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides.

Richard Shinto has served as a clinical and operational healthcare expert for over 20 years. Since 2012, Shinto has been the president and CEO of InnovaCare on His transformative leadership has transformed the company immensely. Previously, he has worked for various companies, including Aveta Inc, NAMM California, MedPartners, Medical Pathways Management Company, and Cal Optima Health Plan. He has authored many articles on clinical medicine. Shinto has also written extensively on healthcare. He graduated with his medical degree from the esteemed State University of New York. Additionally, he is an alumnus of the University of Redlands where he graduated with an MBA.

Penelope Kokkinides has also over 20 years of experience in the health care industry. She is the chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Health. Previously, she worked for InnovaCare in multiple positions before she rejoined the firm 2015. She specializes on Medicare and Medicaid, which are government plans. Additionally, Kokkinides is experienced in developing clinical programs as well as health care operations and processes. She focuses on enhancing both organizational structure and efficiency of the company.

In July 2016, InnovaCare announced the addition of other members to its leadership team. The new members were Penelope Kokkinides, Jonathan Meyers, and Mike Sortino. Meyers is the chief actuary officer while Kokkinides and Sortino serve as the chief administrative officer and chief accounting officer respectively.

Adam Milstein’s Approach To Entrepreneurship

Adam Milstein is a renowned Israel-born real estate investor, community leader, and philanthropist. He spent most of his youth in the country where he also served in the Israel Defense Forces during the Yom Kippur War. Adam received his college education from the Technion before traveling to the United States for his MBA at the prestigious University of Southern California.

According to Aish, in 1983, Adam Milstein started his career in commercial real estate. Over the years, he has been able to establish himself as a key figure in the industry. He is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. Adam is also a co-founder of the Israeli-American Council.

As a student at the USC, Adam faced numerous problems as a foreign student. One of them was the inability to land rewarding positions as other students since recruitment teams did not appreciate his life experience and knowledge.

The offers he landed were low paying and discouraged him from joining the firms. Instead, the future real estate investor decided to start out as a Real Estate commercial broker. This opportunity provided him with the required foundation to establish Hager Pacific Properties three years later.

As Adam Milsein began to expand his investments, his consumer base grew. Each day provided him with unique challenges, making his determination to succeed more realistic. Additional properties under his management saw him become busier. According to him, he was able to derive more satisfaction from his day-to-day job by participating in philanthropic activities.

Adam believes that the best way for one to bring an idea to life is to do it himself or herself. Besides, he closely follows up on his ideas to ensure that they are on track. This approach provides him with the opportunity to solve any brewing problem on time. He believes that his consistency and persistency have been key to his success as an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur should be able to understand all problems facing his investment. Adam advises entrepreneurs against relying on others to understand the issue and solve it. As an investor, he is always part of the solution. Adam is also a family man and enjoys spending his time with wife and kids. For him, family comes first.


The Secret behind Fabletic’s phenomenal growth

Kate Hudson might be living the American dream after the phenomenal growth that has been experienced by her company, Fabletics. In just three years, it has reached $ 250 million in valuation making it one of the best success stories in America. It is not by luck, and there is no “Godfather” involved; it is the work of a master crafter that is Kate herself. Being a celebrity and a fashion icon has put her on a platform of knowing what is mediocre and what is likely to be a hit. This, together with research and brilliant sales techniques, has enabled Kate Hudson’s Fabletics to give Amazon a run for their money.


Fabletics is an active wear and leisure clothing company that was founded in 2013 as an online business. As part of Kate’s philosophy to help women stay active, the company initially was a vendor of women’s only exercise clothes but has since grown to include fashion clothing. The company is no longer a girl only thing after they realized the gap in affordable and stylish men’s activewear too and took the opportunity with both hands.

It is not easy to succeed in the e-commerce fashion space because it is dominated by large players such as Amazon which claims 20% of the market share. It is one of the best-known American brands and certainly one of America’s most trusted companies. However, that does not mean that smaller players cannot succeed.


Fabletics is carving its niche as a high-value brand that understands the needs of each and every of its customers. Their promise is that you can get high quality at much lower prices than previously thought and who hates a good deal?


In just over a year after they started, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics had shipped over a million orders. Big deal huh?


Yeah. That’s a big deal for a startup in a very competitive industry. They reaped big from the strategy they took right from the start. Unlike most its competitors, it is an online subscription retailer.


How it works


This business allows you to be part of their community through a subscription. Once you are subscribed, they send you surveys to gather information concerning your likes, preferences, lifestyle, etc. They then use this information to be recommending personalized outfits at the beginning of each month.


VIP membership


This is a paid subscription where members enjoy personalized selections and enjoy huge discounts.


Physical stores


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is also in brick and mortar across various locations in the U.S, and their physical stores are enjoying massive success. And they are not stopping; they will be opening more stores to add to the 16 they already have in places like California, Illinois, Hawaii and Florida.


Reverse showrooming


Fabletics benefit from this model where people browse for the best quality and prices and then buy elsewhere. This is because they can offer what people want at affordable prices. Besides, they can offer personalized services to their members and charge only about half of what their competitors charge.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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NTC’s Revamped Website Makes Online Property Reports Ordering Seamless

One of the issues that has sparkled a lot of arguments and concerns in the U.S real estate industry in the recent years is the issue of title defects. By and large, title defects occur when a person or an entity files a legal claim against a property that’s owned by another person. There are also other factors that could render a property title to be invalid, including:



  • Issues with wording, especially if the title document does not meet the local area’s real estate standards
  • If the signatures of the key parties to the transaction are missing
  • If there are encumbrances and previous liens still attached to the title document
  • Failure to meet the filing or necessary recording procedures when recording the title and other real estate documents


Many experts believe that the issue of title defects is the main culprit for wrong foreclosures and the recent stagnation of the assets transfer process, which used to be a smooth process.


However, one company has vowed to change the way things work—Nationwide Title Clearing. The company has recently updated its website with the goal of making the property reports accessible online. The reports which are based on meticulous research conducted from authentic land records will now be accessible to any residential property owner nationwide.


About NTC


NTC Inc. is the nation’s top research and document-processing service firm in the U.S mortgage and financial industry and has been in this line of business for over 2 decades now. Their mission is to deliver the highest level of accuracy in research and document processing services. NTC has made a lot of improvements to its processes in pursuit of this mission.


NTC Inc. recently launched a shortened version of their Assignment Verification Report (AVR) known as the Assignment Verification Xpress (AVX). This was as a direct result of their drive to provide exactly the kind of products and services their clients need. This version is faster and costs less than the AVR without compromising on the quality of the research clients are accustomed to receiving from NTC.


Bottom Line


No one in the industry has a research solution as robust as NTC’s research services. This is where clients can get all their research and document service solutions. NTC is also highly favorable for job seekers. So whether you are in search of a job or looking for a research and document service provider, you cannot go wrong with NTC.

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