The Lessons Learned By Rocketship Education In Their First Ten Years

The first Rocketship school was established ten years ago in a San Jose church. They are continuously learning the best ways to serve their communities and students. Rocketship is a non-profit, national network of charter schools for public and elementary education. They provide excellent schools for low income communities. The most important lessons Rocketship has learned to date are described below.

Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is about tech, understanding the interests and needs of the families and students and making yearly home visits to the families. The relationship between the family and Rocketship is critical to educating the students.

The Demand

The focus of Rocketship is elementary education. The K-12 system creates the demand for quality public education. John King stated systems focused on equity are not happening fast enough. More energy must be devoted to creating the necessary demand.

The Parents

The parent leadership program holds the leaders accountable, demands political attention, and enables the public schools of the highest quality to thrive. Offering nothing but elementary education means the parents must advocate, organize and engage in middle and high schools of high quality. Parents must be in the driver’s seat regarding public education.


All kids are welcome at Rocketship regardless of creed, class, race or ethnicity. Diversity is valued and kids should not need to leave their community to have access to a great school. The diversity of the teachers is just as important as the diversity of the students.


Every school should be good enough for all students to attend. There must be equality in education for every child.

Meaningful Inclusion

Students with disabilities must be included in a meaningful way. This is a great help to these students. The also enables the other students to develop and discover their own remarkable potential.

Continue Learning

The flex model creates a open and dynamic learning environment. This taught Rocketship the value of real time coaching, the student agency, weekly goal setting, continuous learning and actionable feedback.

The Mindset

The mindset of the educators must match the mindset of the school. The teachers must strive to master their skills and embrace feedback. This improves the outcome of the school and strengthens the adult culture.

Ricardo Tosto: A Top Litigation Attorney For Your Business

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The Entrepreneurial Focus of Jason Hope

For years Jason Hope has been turning the mobile communications industry over on its head. His work with Jawa helped to put Jason Hope on the map and now he is looking to take that momentum and use it to fuel progress in another key field: medicine. Jason Hope took notice of the medicinal research facility known as the SENS Foundation and he decided to chip in toward their cause by donating$500,000 to the foundation. Why has Jason Hope focused on medicine? What else does Hope have in store for the future? Let’s take a moment to learn a little bit about one of the more exciting futurists in the entrepreneurial world. Jason Hope’s role as an entrepreneur has never been in question but his title as a futurist is something that he had to work hard in order to earn. Hope graduated from Arizona State University with an MBA in finance.

Immediately after graduation, he took to the tech world in order to get his start in the mobile communications industry, establishing Jawa. Jawa would give Hope the success he needed early on in order to branch out and start several important partnerships. Among those partnerships was that of the SENS Foundation.The SENS Foundation is a non-profit located on the West Coast that has been working day and night in order to address age-related illnesses. Dr. Aubrey De Grey is the lead researcher at the facility and one of the primary reasons that Hope got involved with the facility. Hope cites his partnership with Dr. De Grey as one of the most exciting aspects of his career and that surely led to his decision to donate to the cause.

Specifically, Jason Hope has taken an interest in helping to facilitate a way to prevent problems like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. Hope says, “I feel that the future relies on disease prevention” and he goes on to point out how important technology is in that conversation. While many facilities are rightly searching for a cure, Hope believes that prevention is as important as any other aspect of eradicating these serious and deadly issues. Outside of medical research into biotechnology, Hope is also a devout believer of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things, often shortened to just IoT, is an umbrella term that refers to the way that smart technology will interconnect in order to make our lives easier and more efficient than ever.

Securus Technologies The Name You Can Trust in the Correctional Sphere

For any company to move ahead in a competitive industry, it has to focus on innovation and customer service in today’s date. Any company that doesn’t provide the value for money to the customers won’t be able to survive the wave of competition. Securus Technologies has been not only surviving the wave of competition in the correctional sphere for a long time but has been holding its top position in the industry due to its favorable approach towards innovation, customer service, and focusing on providing value for money products and services. Securus Technologies has grown as one of the most mature correctional firms with a broad range of products and services for the law enforcement agencies as well as the inmates.


The company even has its proprietary operating system that the inmates use for communication purposes and getting access to entertainment, education, and other types of data. Securus Technologies’ CEO Rick Smith has been making some very integral changes in the company’s structure and management that has helped the firm in giving its competition tough time in catching up. In the last couple of years, Securus Technologies has spent somewhere near $600 million for patent acquisition as well as developing new technologies.


Securus Technologies aims to remain on top in the correctional industry, and that is why it doesn’t take its success for granted. Always being on the move and evolving at a rapid pace has helped the company remain consistent with its performance, quality, and revenue. Securus Technologies is doing a good job can be seen in the fact that it is receiving the bulk of appreciation from the law enforcement officers. The letters of appreciation written by the law enforcement officers were published in parts by the company through a press release recently. It has helped the company enhance its market reputation as well.

Fabletics Online for Everyone

Fabletics started out great with a different kind of online store. They don’t just offer you great clothing on their own, they give you the chance to really look and feel your best.


How They Started

Fabletics started with a subscription service that allowed them to connect with people like you. They started when Kate Hudson decided that women needed another way to look and feel great. While the company is mostly exercise clothing, they aren’t just the same kinds of clothing you may find at your local department store. They offer options that are stylish and fun as well as comfortable for your daily needs.


What They Offer

Fabletics not only offers leggings and other exercise clothing, they started offering dresses and other clothing that is made from the same material and is comfortable. The clothing is stylish and incorporates styles that are popular and fun for anyone that is looking for items that are going to be a good fit for you. One great thing about the clothing is that you can change styles as time goes on and decide you want something different.


Why Get Fabletics

There are several reasons you might want to consider getting Fabletics for yourself. The biggest is the ease. You don’t have to do a lot to get the perfect clothing. You only need to set up your account and then wait for them to show up every month. This means you won’t have to worry about going out and getting things on your own. You just go to your mailbox.


Another reason you might want to get Fabletics is the style and comfort. This company has done everything they can to make sure you are getting items that are fun and keep up with the styles that are current. They also want to make sure you are comfortable because when you look good, but aren’t comfortable, you won’t want to wear the clothing. They make sure they are good for you and you are happy with them.


There are a lot of options when you are looking for the best exercise clothign for your needs. Fabletics may not have been your first choice, but it should be. They can give you a lot of what you are looking for and that will help you feel good while wearing the clothing.

The Need for Peace

Daniel Taub is an English born Ambassador who represents the state of Israel. During his time as ambassador to the United Kingdom, Taub has been responsible for bringing together the two countries, increasing diplomatic relations, and forming business deals the world has never seen before. International trade between the two countries has never been as strong, and it is important to take this into consideration, especially since Israel needs all the support they can get. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

For a country like Israel, who has many enemies, it is extremely important for people like Daniel Taub to offer the country as much service as possible, especially since they are surrounded on all sides in the Middle East by countries who want to see them disappear. Daniel Taub has been an ambassador to the United Kingdom for four years now, but has recently resigned and is planning on returning back to his home country.

The term home country is sort of an odd thing for Ambassador Daniel Taub. He was born and raised in the British Isles, and up until late adulthood has always called the United Kingdom his true place of birth.

Taub and his family are extremely devout Orthodox Jews, and see Israel as being the home away from home that is rightfully theirs due to the promise and covenant of God. When he and his family returned to Israel, Taub made the comment that his family had finally returned home after 2,000 years of exile.

It is uncertain what his return home means to the rest of the world, especially for the British islands and their relations with the state of Israel. One thing is definitely certain, however, and that is the fact that if of personal relations to repair diplomatic relations with countries such as Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

He is already done so much work when it comes to increasing positive relationships with Jordan and Egypt. Ever since Israel became its own country not too long after the end of World War II, its surrounding neighbors have wanted to see them disappear.

There was an attempt for them to overthrow the newly-formed Israeli government when they were still weak and a fledgling nation. With Daniel Taub in the driver’s seat, this conflict situation will probably not happen again and we can look forward to a future of peace in the Middle East.