Alex Hern Captures Augmented Reality.

Virtual reAlex Hernality hardware has changed tremendously in the last 20 years. Once requiring a room-sized setup, virtual reality hardware has been reduced to the size of a smartphone and as wearable hardware becomes smaller and more lightweight and affordable, wearable computers will become more widespread. Wireless data speeds have also increased in the last 20 years, with 5G speeds becoming more and more likely. These two factors have allowed augmented reality computing solutions to become a feasible system to many more industries, and Alex Hern and Tsunami XR, the company he co-founded with Dave Ross, are in perfect position to provide software that supports collaboration and idea exchanges in virtual reality.

While Pokemon Go brought augmented reality to widespread attention, the technology can be used for much more than gaming. In fact, the applications for use in the business world are widespread. With augmented reality, designers can collaborate on problems worldwide, harness design talent from multiple sources and backgrounds, and can bring together multiple disciplines within a single framework, nearly eliminating travel costs and allowing expert advice and idea sharing to be accessed across the globe.

Alex Hern and Tsunami XR have created two platforms to take advantage of these new technological advancements in augmented reality by creating Tsunami Workspace, a virtual meeting space that provides real-time collaboration across continents, allowing users to share the environments and gives a clear visualization of the tasks at hand. The platform can be used to provide virtual training for offsite employees. Tsunami’s other platform, Tsunami Studio creates a 3-D modeling workroom, which allows real-time modeling and schematic creation between multi-local teams, and can bring together a wide swath of talent together in the design process.

Establishing a leading presence with augmented reality solutions has given Chris Hern and Tsunami XR a foreknowledge of the future of augmented reality and will allow the company a continued edge in collaboration and design possibilities that augmented reality workspaces will require.

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