Ara Chackerian, Californian Based Entrepreneur

Mr . Ara Chackerian is not only an entrepreneur but also a philanthropist and an investor, operating from San Francisco California State of the US. His work particularly focuses on community services, his love for healthcare and the environment has seen him spent a lot of years in both fields, with the experience in connecting healthcare and technology to better services.

His latest ventures in health solutions, and the passion he has to be the best in the industry, Mr. Chackerian states that after spending over 10 years in expanding healthcare centers in the northern part of California, they have come up with a new venture that will see the diagnosis of patients affected with psychiatric related problems. This treatment is geared at providing increased awareness and becoming one of the pillars in psychiatric treatment and care. With new facilities set up in San Francisco the treatment is dedicated help patients recovering from psychiatric disorders using the latest technology in a serene environment where they appreciate the service.

Mr .Chackerian studied from the state of Florida and graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in marketing. He has made his name through his experience in healthcare industry, community philanthropist ventures and his love for the support of the environment by his society programs that promote youth education opportunities in the country.

Mr .Chackerian focuses majorly on healthcare having vast experience in the health industry, where he has co-founded several healthcare companies including the recent TMS health solutions that is offering best treatment solutions for patients with psychiatric related disorders, among others. He currently stands as the managing director of an uprising healthcare company dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare in the US called ASC capital Holdings. His passion of serving the community and provide better healthcare solutions has helped him build his name in the healthcare industry.