The Community 5-star Facility Manse on Marsh

Assisted Living facilities are always looking for ways to improve their reviews and achieve 5-star ratings. This rating helps families to choose the facility that will care for their loved one. It a facility receives a 4-star rating they are usually lower on the list of preferred facilities. Achieving the 5 star is not easy. The facility will meet standards that are high. The reviews will come from the families and residents that are in the facility or familiar. The Manse on Marsh in San Luis Obispo is happy that they are announcing their fifth 5-star review rating in the past year. This honor is almost impossible to achieve but they did it. CEO Andy recently was recorded stating that the Manse should be congratulated for their review rating. This is indeed a high honor for a facility.

What makes the facility so great? The Manse on Marsh offers a care plan system for their residents. The care plan system helps each resident to receive the help they need without paying for help they do not need. Some senior adults may need help remembering to take their medications. Some may even need the help administering their medications. Some may need help getting into the tub or shower. They may be able to bathe themselves but unable to step up or adjust the water temperature. These issues may cause the resident to need a care plan for Activities of Daily Living. This is not the only things that residents may need help with but it is a few that are popular.

The crew also does laundry and cleans the residents rooms. The kitchen staff pride themselves on the good food they serve in the open dining area. Each time you walk into the dining room for a meal you can feel like you are dining in a 5-star restaurant. After dinner, you can stroll around and talk with your friends or enjoy yourself with one of the many activities that are scheduled. Check out the 5-star article in PR.

Why You Need To Use Wikipedia Experts For Your Page


Wikipedia, known as a go-to for people who want accurate information, but how reliable is the information they find? Well if you’re Irish footballer Robert Brady then there’s no telling. June 22, 2016, Brady scored a phenomenal goal against Italy in the eighty-fifth minute of the game. Shortly after the game, Brady’s page experienced Wiki edits done by fans over 100 times. This type of response can make or break a rising star or business.  So, would you take your Wiki page down or do you even need to make a Wikipedia page?

The need to be noticed in today’s digital interconnected society is growing at a rapid rate. When you use Google, the search spiders can relate it to a wiki page; you better believe you’re getting a result containing a wiki listing. Having a Wikipedia page is extremely beneficial when wanting to drive business and increase sales. It gets the company name out there and recognized, which is what a business owner wants.

Getting started can come off a little tricky at first. Hire a Wikipedia writer that can assist you every step of the way. Leading experts at Get Your Wiki are here to lend a hand. Get Your Wiki, sets your page up, monitors your information, and optimizes your wiki so that you get noticed in search results. Perhaps you’re not a business owner or in charge of a large corporation. Does this mean you can’t benefit from a Wiki page? Of course not!

On the contrary, individuals can also have their own Wikipedia page for several reasons.  Showing up as a Wikipedia result is like saying, “Hey I’m better than the rest.” Think about large fortune 500 companies. They all have had to create a Wiki page. Now think about local stores in your area. No wiki pages. Who is generating the most revenue? Obviously, it is the Fortune 500 companies and their revenues continue to grow because word of mouth is a strong tool. I say this because when someone hears about an interesting topic or business; first thing people do is ’Google it!’ Having a Wiki page will get you and your business noticed. Enjoy the power of Wiki marketing. Contact Get Your Wiki to start reaping the benefits today!

Brian Torchin is an Excellent Consultant Helping Healthcare Professionals Find Employment

Brian Torchin is a managing partner of a healthcare staffing solutions firm. Brian and his company provide career consultation and search services for those looking to work with specific skills they have for healthcare positions. Clients and colleagues who work with Brian describe him as always providing comprehension solutions and he is consistent in setting up a qualified pool of candidates to help organizations when they need help.

Brian is a detail-oriented individual and over the years has held a positive outlook regarding business even when the economy took a sluggish turn. Brian’s motto has been to build and discover long-term relationships with his clients. He works incredibly hard to give both his employees and customers solutions and maintains great respect for his clients wishes at the same time.

As part of the foundation Torchin remains a team player and applies his expertise as a consultant and in the end, his goal is being able to give his clients efficient and fast solutions. He ensures his clients and follows through with being available at all times to answer their questions and fulfill their requests.

Even though the company keeps Brian incredibly busy, he still publishes articles consistently on the company’s blog. Each of his posts is based on a variety of topics such as; how to simplify online marketing, how to hire a physician assistant and how to hire a nurse practitioner. Along with these blogs providing his expert knowledge on the topics he also lists the top interview questions people should ask when hiring and the tips people need to hire superb employees.

A Look Into VTA Publications

Jim Hunt has made an impressive presence through two letters written to prominent UK businesses. The letters were sent by two different companies Streetwise Publications Limited and Lifetime Enterprise Limited a related affiliate of VTA Publications Ltd. and offered banking technique courses. The two courses are Corporate Raider and The Five Secrets and are priced at 27 pounds per month (equivalent of $38.50 U.S). Corporate Raider was described to be a compendium of banking loopholes. In the Five Secrets, Jim Hunt is designated as Course Director. The letters are both persuasive and compelling to its audience of readers interested in learning better ways to succeed in business.

VTA Publications Limited is a three year old company, incorporated December 2012 and had its first registered office set up in Norfolk, VA. Wealth Wave is a method and style of trading on the stock market by Jim Hunt.

In January 2015 they reported a capital of 100 pounds. They offer a simple system that is easy to comprehend and put to immediate use. Many people are recommending the software for the very minimal investment and the large payouts.

Kevin Seawright: Making Dreams Come True

Kevin Seawright is incredibly serious and passionate about Baltimore. The city means something to him and holds a special place in his heart that can’t be duplicated by any other city or state for that matter. Because of this, he is all about giving back to the wonderful city. He is doing that with the RPS Solutions LLC, which gives affordable homes to those in the Baltimore area, many of them first-time home owners. He started this in 2015 and it has already grown to measures he never thought possible and he seen the smile of many homeowners. You have to understand, these are people who thought they would never be able to call anyplace a home. This means something to them. Your home is where you lay your head after a long day.

It already is for those who live there, but many are unaware of its benefits. They don’t know all of the great things that are there for others to take in and enjoy. The fact they were able to fill the Belvedere Square neighborhood is showing they are making tremendous progress with their program.

The great thing is this is only the beginning. It is going to get bigger and better. To me, this says a lot about Kevin Seawright and the type of individual he is. He is taking time out of his busy schedule to make this a reality and help it reach epic proportions. With him at the helm, anything is possible. He works hard, doesn’t stop, and does this out of the goodness out of his heart. He isn’t looking for a pat on the back or any special trophies. That is not why he started this and why he is doing it. He is not that kind of person. He wants home ownership to be something that everyone and anyone can accomplish in the Baltimore area. He doesn’t want it to just be something for a few people.  Read more about Kevin’s phenomenal career at Vizualize.

Brad Reifler The Financier For The Average, And Not So Average

Big global attention today is given to financial interests such as investment and commercial banking; as more news articles are published about the quantity of billionaires in the world of high finance. It seems there is a lot of people amassing a great deal of money. So, it stands to reason that a large number of less-enfranchised people are now claiming to be financial experts, but they are not.

Consequently, one must be a prudent individual when seeking financial help. However, if you choose one man, you will not have to worry. One such financial expert is Brad Reifler; he is the world renowned Executive Officer of Forefront Capital Markets Management based in New York. He has been very successful in the business of making money. He studies economics and is good at it. His first company was trading commodities, and the company’s positive growth reflects Brad Reifler’s dedication to succeed with start-up companies. Reifler Trading Company uniquely did research and finance. The company excelled in the market place and became a success.

Later he turned his attention to the massive working-class populous, as Yahoo Finance dutifully reported. He developed investment strategies for the large middle-class American jobholders. He is involved with making a better world for everyone, average, disadvantage, and mega wealthy through money management ventures.

Yes, Brad Reifler is unstoppable, and is very active in his vocation with Forefront Capital. He is making Forefront Capital a market leader and on the journey to the top, he is improving the lives of his clients, and the average honest worker in America.

One only needs to see his resume to know this man is a go-getter. As a true example of an honest to goodness entrepreneur, he started his own companies and made it profitable. His grandfather was Ray E. Friedman the founder of Refco. Brad Reifler worked at Refco and his claim to fame was very apparent; because, right-off-the-bat he became a star trader.

Looking deeper into this man’s business history, one will notice his resume is very impressive. Educated at Bowdin University, as shown by CrunchBase, and graduated May 1981, he chose economics and political science as a major. He was deeply interested in money markets right from the start, hence he was up and running to founder Pali Capital in January 1995. As the present Chief Executive Officer he has made a name for himself as the best and most celebrated financier in today’s world markets.  Read more about Brad on his biography.

How One Company Repaired Its Reputation

Status Labs is an online management reputation company and the Huffington Post did a piece on them about. Here is a summary of that piece and a little about the company.

In the article, Status Labs’ own reputation crisis was discussed. In the past, the company’s reputation took a hit, and the company had to make a few changes in leadership and then they got to work on repairing their own reputation.

The article detailed some of the things the company did to repair its reputation. Some of those things included working with various charities and nonprofits, as well as making the decision to take better care of their employees. They decided to implement a stock option plan and they started to cater lunch weekly, as well as schedule outings to name a few. Long story short, Status Labs used their own experience to help them repair their reputation.

About Status Labs
The CEO of the company is Darius Fisher. Status Labs is based in Austin, Texas, but they have offices in Sao Paulo and New York. As for their clients, they work with more than 1,000 clients around the world, and they have worked with Fortune 100 brands and public figures.

Status Labs offers quality services, which includes search engine optimization and social media marketing. They also offer is content creation/automation, which includes creating blogs and social media accounts. Google image curation, site management and public relations are other services offered by Status Labs.

If you are a business or an individual who needs to repair their online reputation or you are dealing with bad press and need help, then contact Status Labs.

More information for Status Labs:

Instagram: @statuslabs

Previous P.O.A. Leader’s Discontent With Current D.A. In The Bay Area

George Gascón, District Attorney of San Fransciso, was once closely affiliated with the Police Officers Association. Recently, Gary Delagnes, the former president of the POA, has brought attention to Gascón’s current attitudes about the bay area police union. Delagnes reminisced on an evening in 2010 when Gascón was allegedly intoxicated at a forum held by Harvard Law School and became very adrenalized while speaking about his time spent with the Los Angelos Police Department. Delagnes recalls George Gascón making racially insensitive comments and creating an uncomfortable atmosphere for those amongst him. According to Delagnes, the situation became so uncomfortable that a patron overheard Gascón’s excitement and asked him to subdue his emotional outburst. Gascón was speaking to Martin Halloran, the current POA president at the time. Later in an interview, Halloran would confirm the accusations held by Delagnes but did not provide specific details of the occurrence.

Delagnes openly disclosed details about his relationship with Gascón in a previous statement. The two worked together often over frequent phone calls and in-person meetings. Delagnes says that Gascón demonstrated obedient behavior and an accepting attitude when working with the San Francisco Police Department. Delagnes has made comments stating that during his time working with Gascón, that he was not critical of the network of people comprising the police department and that he never raised concerns about lack of diversity within the police department. Delagnes has defined Gascón’s current behavior as “contradictory”. There has been little response from Gascón in lieu of the accusations. However, much of information provided by Delagnes could currently be considered speculative.

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Martin Lustgarten Investment Strategy That Has Made Him Fortunes

Investment banking can be simply defined as a division of banking that deals with investment. Investment banking helps entities such as companies, individuals, and governments to raise capital. Besides investment banking are mainly involved in giving informed advice regarding mergers, acquisition, reorganization, and giving informed advice concerning placement of investment options. Often, investment banking affiliate with other large banks in formulating fundraising strategies for various corporations, structuring companies so that they can bare optimum results, and determining the worth of companies.


Corporations, governments, and individual with intentions of venturing into investment in various sectors of the economies often require services from experts in investment banking. Further, investment banker help client in security guaranteeing and raising capital, this is because they act as agents between those who want to issues pledges to the public.


In the modern age, a career in investment banking is very lucrative. However, it is not walk in the park; it calls for more than knowledge acquired in the class. Patience, observational skills, excellent interpersonal skills, and research ability is necessary for this career. One of the most successful investment bankers is Martin Lustgarten. He is the founder, and CEO of Company Lustgarten, an investing banking firm based in Florida.  The firm has a good reputation and success record with its clients, making it one of the most sorts out investment banking in America.


Moreover, martin is known for his proven investment strategy that has made him fortunes, sales, and imports from different countries. Martin’s strategy is dated back when the country of Venezuela had serious financial issues that went beyond the government and banks control. With his strategy, he approached various banks throughout Venezuela and offered to sell dollars at a bit higher price in comparison to other common rates. As results, bank investments skyrocketed and came to fortune. He has been replicating his working strategies in other countries such as France and Singapore. Follow Lustgarten on Twitter @mlustgarten2 to keep up with his news and events.

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In My Father’s Footsteps: Charles Koch

Charles Koch happens to be one of the wealthiest billionaires in the United States and the entire world by default. He is the CEO, Chairman of the Board and co-owner of Koch Industries, the largest privately-held business in the US. Mr. Koch resided in Wichita, Kansas together with his wife, Elizabeth.

One of the important pillar in the life of Charles Koch and his family was his father. He taught Charles Koch the values of hard work, work ethic, and business development. Alongside his brother David, the two have restructured and increased the fortunes of the once small industry they inherited from their father. He also attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his undergraduate and later postgraduate studies.

Koch Industries initially dealt with oil refining. At the time, these were booming sectors, and his family made a fortune. Since he took over, the industries have diversified into the production of fertilizers, fibers and polymers, mining, forestry and ranching, consumer products and services. As a result, they are associated with popular brands such as Stainmaster carpet and Lycra spandex fiber.

Today, Charles Koch attributes his success to the inputs of his late father. Interestingly, he keeps a letter his father addressed to his sons in his office.

The letter made meaning to Charles Koch, who as the first born son was the natural heir of his father. Earlier in his career, he had joined his father as an understudy to learn firsthand about running a big business. Koch hears the words of his father every time he reads the letter, and it keeps him motivated to make the family business even more successful.

The Koch family is known for its business acumen and philanthropy including the Koch Cultural Trust run by Elizabeth Koch and supports creative artists and their projects. Charles Koch also sponsors investment and market education through institutions such as George Mason University and the Mercatus Centre.

Elsewhere, Charles’ philanthropy extends to the political scene where he supports conservative and Republican party candidates with forward thinking policies. Koch made history in 2012 when he mobilized over $400 million in donations towards the Mitt Romney Presidential campaign. The donation went down as the largest amount donated towards a political campaign.

Additonal Charles Koch Information: