Previous P.O.A. Leader’s Discontent With Current D.A. In The Bay Area

George Gascón, District Attorney of San Fransciso, was once closely affiliated with the Police Officers Association. Recently, Gary Delagnes, the former president of the POA, has brought attention to Gascón’s current attitudes about the bay area police union. Delagnes reminisced on an evening in 2010 when Gascón was allegedly intoxicated at a forum held by Harvard Law School and became very adrenalized while speaking about his time spent with the Los Angelos Police Department. Delagnes recalls George Gascón making racially insensitive comments and creating an uncomfortable atmosphere for those amongst him. According to Delagnes, the situation became so uncomfortable that a patron overheard Gascón’s excitement and asked him to subdue his emotional outburst. Gascón was speaking to Martin Halloran, the current POA president at the time. Later in an interview, Halloran would confirm the accusations held by Delagnes but did not provide specific details of the occurrence.

Delagnes openly disclosed details about his relationship with Gascón in a previous statement. The two worked together often over frequent phone calls and in-person meetings. Delagnes says that Gascón demonstrated obedient behavior and an accepting attitude when working with the San Francisco Police Department. Delagnes has made comments stating that during his time working with Gascón, that he was not critical of the network of people comprising the police department and that he never raised concerns about lack of diversity within the police department. Delagnes has defined Gascón’s current behavior as “contradictory”. There has been little response from Gascón in lieu of the accusations. However, much of information provided by Delagnes could currently be considered speculative.

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Martin Lustgarten Investment Strategy That Has Made Him Fortunes

Investment banking can be simply defined as a division of banking that deals with investment. Investment banking helps entities such as companies, individuals, and governments to raise capital. Besides investment banking are mainly involved in giving informed advice regarding mergers, acquisition, reorganization, and giving informed advice concerning placement of investment options. Often, investment banking affiliate with other large banks in formulating fundraising strategies for various corporations, structuring companies so that they can bare optimum results, and determining the worth of companies.


Corporations, governments, and individual with intentions of venturing into investment in various sectors of the economies often require services from experts in investment banking. Further, investment banker help client in security guaranteeing and raising capital, this is because they act as agents between those who want to issues pledges to the public.


In the modern age, a career in investment banking is very lucrative. However, it is not walk in the park; it calls for more than knowledge acquired in the class. Patience, observational skills, excellent interpersonal skills, and research ability is necessary for this career. One of the most successful investment bankers is Martin Lustgarten. He is the founder, and CEO of Company Lustgarten, an investing banking firm based in Florida.  The firm has a good reputation and success record with its clients, making it one of the most sorts out investment banking in America.


Moreover, martin is known for his proven investment strategy that has made him fortunes, sales, and imports from different countries. Martin’s strategy is dated back when the country of Venezuela had serious financial issues that went beyond the government and banks control. With his strategy, he approached various banks throughout Venezuela and offered to sell dollars at a bit higher price in comparison to other common rates. As results, bank investments skyrocketed and came to fortune. He has been replicating his working strategies in other countries such as France and Singapore. Follow Lustgarten on Twitter @mlustgarten2 to keep up with his news and events.

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In My Father’s Footsteps: Charles Koch

Charles Koch happens to be one of the wealthiest billionaires in the United States and the entire world by default. He is the CEO, Chairman of the Board and co-owner of Koch Industries, the largest privately-held business in the US. Mr. Koch resided in Wichita, Kansas together with his wife, Elizabeth.

One of the important pillar in the life of Charles Koch and his family was his father. He taught Charles Koch the values of hard work, work ethic, and business development. Alongside his brother David, the two have restructured and increased the fortunes of the once small industry they inherited from their father. He also attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his undergraduate and later postgraduate studies.

Koch Industries initially dealt with oil refining. At the time, these were booming sectors, and his family made a fortune. Since he took over, the industries have diversified into the production of fertilizers, fibers and polymers, mining, forestry and ranching, consumer products and services. As a result, they are associated with popular brands such as Stainmaster carpet and Lycra spandex fiber.

Today, Charles Koch attributes his success to the inputs of his late father. Interestingly, he keeps a letter his father addressed to his sons in his office.

The letter made meaning to Charles Koch, who as the first born son was the natural heir of his father. Earlier in his career, he had joined his father as an understudy to learn firsthand about running a big business. Koch hears the words of his father every time he reads the letter, and it keeps him motivated to make the family business even more successful.

The Koch family is known for its business acumen and philanthropy including the Koch Cultural Trust run by Elizabeth Koch and supports creative artists and their projects. Charles Koch also sponsors investment and market education through institutions such as George Mason University and the Mercatus Centre.

Elsewhere, Charles’ philanthropy extends to the political scene where he supports conservative and Republican party candidates with forward thinking policies. Koch made history in 2012 when he mobilized over $400 million in donations towards the Mitt Romney Presidential campaign. The donation went down as the largest amount donated towards a political campaign.

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John Goullet Leads Technology Staffing Firm Diversant

One of the leaders in staffing in the technology field is Diversant. This is a well known staffing firm that specializes in linking technology workers with companies that are looking to hire them. What sets Diversant apart is its ability to work closely with technology professionals and companies that have their own unique characteristics. With a philosophy that entails teamwork and diversity, Diversant is able to provide a number of benefits for all of the parties involved during the recruiting process. Like a number of organizations, Diversant is led by John Goullet who has been able to provide the direction this company needs in order to remain as one of the top staffing firms in the technology industry.

As an organization, Diversant has its philosophy and basis for its operations. This company looks to help technology professionals find the ideal career opportunity as well as helping companies find the ideal workers for their job openings. Diversant looks to accomplish this goal by considering technology professionals that come from a variety of different experience levels as well as particular expertise. This firm will help entry level workers as well as very experienced and seasoned technology workers. It will help workers who have expertise in certain skillsets such as programming, systems analysis and database administration.

Diversant is led by John Goullet who serves as the company Principal. Goullet has had a very successful career in technology and therefore brings his expertise to the company. John has had a number of positions in which he would lead companies in terms of developing and operating technology to make them more efficient. After working in technology consulting for a number of years he decided to start up his own staffing firm in 1994. After starting up his own firm, he decided to merge with Diversant and become the leading executive to help get to the next level. Under the leadership of John Goullet, Diversant has been able to establish itself as a leader in technology staffing.

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A Day In Argentina and the Life of James Dondero

Highland Capital Management LP is set to buy Argentina bonds again, and the prospect looks great across the board. Highland Capital is a financial agency that manages over $19 billion in total assets. The firm currently holds Argentinian bonds worth $4 billion that mature in the year of 2033.

Argentina’s hope is being renewed.

The new bonds sale will aide in managing national debt and enable the country to be a world player once more.

Jim Dondero, who co-founded and is now president of Highland Capital Management LP, is excited about the prospective trade. The bonds will be sold with maturity dates as five, 10 and 30 year notes. The Highland name will position itself a winner in the case. Since 2014, the asset manager had already gained annual increase on held bonds and at a 20-percent rate.

The new issuance positions Argentina to foresee their national debt fall at roughly a six percent rate. The country has suffered since 2001 though. These current actions are much needed for the country.

The firm’s president, James Dondero, is committed to the trade.

James’ expertise spans over thirty years in the financial industries.

The financial expert specializes in equity markets and credit. …with a tailored focus on distressed investing. His asset management firm began in 1993 by offering solutions to various forms of credit. From ETFs to mutual funds; hedge funds to private equity funds, Highland Capital management offers an array of financial services worldwide.

Dondero held a number of financial roles before positioning himself in and with the Highland firm.

His initial experience began with Finance and Accounting majors at McIntire School of Commerce. He then Started his career in 1984 as an analyst for the Morgan Guaranty program. Those steps led to a four year venture between 1985 and 1989 where James Dondero managed accounts for American Express as Portfolio Manager and Corporate Bond Analyst.

What will transpire in these coming days is worth having a watchful eye for. The markets will see the results, but only time can tell the outcome.

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FreedomPop Partners With WhatsApp For Better Access

WhatsApp and FreedomPop are getting together to offer people free access to WhatsApp when on the FreedomPop network. The first report came from Venture Beat, and it shows how the companies are going to help FreedomPop users make sure that they can save data while using their phones.

The WhatsApp platform is going to let people create their own phone number, and it is going to allow them to talk and text as much as they want as long as they are on the network or on wifi. It will help people who are trying to talk on the platform they are used to, and it is also important that people remember that they can use the app with other people who are already on WhatsApp.

FreedomPop is trying to be a better alternative for people who are save money on cell phones, and they offer plans that help people get what they need for free or at low prices. The free plans help people who need a phone, and the cheap plans will help people who are trying hard to save money. There is something for everyone in WhatsApp, and it is going to help people who want to make sure they have minutes and data to use at special times on their phones.  They are going to make it easy for people to talk and text over a platform that is simple for everyone to use, and it is going to help previous WhatsApp users get started at once.

MVNO FreedomPop has a grand plan to sign you up: zero-rated WhatsApp access

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