Outstanding education and skills Rocketship United Academy provides

Rocketship United Academy is a learning institute dedicated to sharing of gratitude. This school is a non-profit network of public school only seeking to help needy students. It is a school with a trait of a positive culture. They have five core values four which are shared through their entire network which is made of 13 schools. These values are respect, responsibility, empathy, and persistence. Students in these schools get to recite these values from day to day to guide them through their daily endeavors. The mission of the school is to prepare the students to thrive in school and beyond by equipping them with critical character skills. The larger student percentage of the students in the school come from poor backgrounds. The statistic with this data is these students tend to face more toxic stress than normal children. This thus changes the way they react to conflicts or manage their emotions.

The school is focused on their instructional programs include social-emotional learning curricula that are thoroughly taught in three weeks every morning to help the students. There exist different systems for the younger grades and upper grades. Kimochi curriculum is a system that is focused on five characters with distinguished temperaments and personalities. They are designed to help students recognize their emotions and demonstrate care for others. The scholars in upper-grade use RULER tools to track their behaviors. Feeling and progress in a mood journal. The parents also get actively involved in choosing the type of teachers that will teach their children. The school has been recognized nationwide for their personalized and uniquely blended learning style. Parents think that it is very humbling for them to be given a chance to actively participate in the school affairs which most schools do not provide.

Charter school have been receiving help from various philanthropist around the country. The CEO of Netflix recently donated $100 to support local education in poor areas while Mark Zuckerberg and his wife have been working around the clock to support education investment and technologies. Facebook has, for instance, donated its engineers to local charter school developer summit public schools. This is a positive gesture that will culminate to a powerful movement that will help tap into each other strength to better the communities.