Robert Ivy Achievements

Robert Ivy, the former manager of the American Institute of Architects, received the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement honor. This award was offered to him by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL).

It’s for the first time an architect has received this honor which is usually presented to the living artists and philanthropist of art who are mostly linked to Mississippi and whose work over a period is reputable. The Mississippians who have been lucky enough to be in this record of honor comprise of the prominent Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman, author Shelby Foote, and musician Leontyne Price.

The Chief Executive Officer of Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters Nancy LaForge addresses Robert Ivy, as one of the architects who are capable of making architecture more accessible to the community. He applauded him for having legally acquired his position in the much-cherished list of Noel Polk Award receivers as a writer and commentator of construction. Visit on his twitter for updates.

Robert Ivy was famously known as the most admirable diplomat of the architectural profession while still working as the CEO of AIA from 2011. The Mississippi-born citizen was offered a reward as a crown to his work and his achievement. His occupation was known to be unique and altogether excellent. He has dramatically motivated young generation and the old alike.

Before joining AIA in 2011, Robert Ivy had worked for McGraw Hills Architectural Company as the chief editor. The Architectural Company became the best which broadly extended in the architectural magazine and brought in a lot of honors. For instance, the public Magazine Award for universal Excellence emerged during the leadership of Ivy. Ivy was one of the leaders working in McGraw-Hill’s construction media and design during its exceptional growth in China and the Middle East.

Ivy has extraordinarily developed the worldwide footprint of AIA, which has formally recorded a maximum number of members in its record of one 160 years. In the present times, a lot of American architects are working worldwide with the assistance of seven global known section of the AIA. Earlier, Robert Ivy also worked as an officer in the USA Navy.