ClassDojo Breaks Down Communication Barrier Between Parents, Teachers and Students

ClassDojo is a free app that is creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. This app is simple and fun to use. Teachers will establish their account and then either email parents or send a flyer home to parents. The information provided to the parents from the teacher will include the information on downloading ClassDojo, the sign in name and the password to the teachers sharing account.

The purpose of this app is to connect parents, teachers and students. This encourages a communication connection. Teachers are able to communicate directly to parents through this app. Students create their own Dojo monster and can customize its clothing, eyes and general appearance. Throughout the school day teachers will be able to give children Dojo points or take Dojo points away. What is great about this app is that it lists why points are given or taken. Parents can log in at any point during the day to review their child’s Dojo. A positive point may say “one point given for homework being turned in on time” and point removed may say something like “minus one point for talking during a fire drill”. This great communication allows parents to then discuss the daily Dojo’s with their children over dinner. Parents can praise the positive points and discuss the negative points. If a parent has a question about a deducted Dojo they can message the teacher directly from the Dojo app.

Another wonderful feature of ClassDojo is photo and video sharing. Teachers are able to provide valuable insight into their students’ routines and classrooms. This secure app only allows for other parents in the class to view these pictures. Often teachers will share pictures or videos from field trips, science projects or field days. This gives parents who may not have the opportunity to volunteer a chance to feel involved. ClassDojo is breaking down the communication barrier between teachers, parents and students and encouraging correspondence and conversations.