HCR Wealth Advisors Provides Advice on Different Investment Strategies

For many people who are worried about their financial future, taking the help of a financial advisor is a good idea. There are many companies out there that claim to provide accurate and reliable financial services, but one of the companies that has provided consistent service and performance is HCR Wealth Advisors, an investment advisory firm based in Los Angeles, United States. The company believes that it is necessary to take smart financial steps at the right time to secure your financial future. With so many different financial products available in the market, it is obvious that many people without much financial knowledge would get confused about on what to invest. This is where HCR Wealth Advisors can come to the rescue.

There are many advisors and talented financial and investment advisors working at HCR Wealth Advisors, who can help you choose the right financial product and help you ensure that you are able to live your dreams upon retirement. There are many older adults out there who didn’t put much effort with retirement planning when young and now are dependent on their sons and daughters and family to meet their living expenses. Not able to live your retirement comfortably without any financial worries can be one of the biggest regrets of your life, so make sure that you plan your finances now to free yourself from all the financial worries in the future. If you continue to make smart investments on a regular basis, you would be able to live a happy and carefree life in future. Many people these days continue to invest in random investment products without any analysis, which can prove to be fatal. So, make sure that you do your research carefully and trust a registered investment advisory firm like HCR Wealth Advisors to plan your financial future.

HCR Wealth Advisors (@HCRwealth) is well-versed in the financial market and keeps itself updated on the recent trends in the market. The company helps its clients minimize their risks by offering them sound advice that will help them grow their wealth no matter how much they currently have to invest.

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Michael Lacey And Jim Larkin Are Disappointed That Joe Arpaio Will Not Have To Pay For His Crimes

Presidential pardons have always been met with mixed feelings, and one of the more recent presidential pardons is no different. It would be a mistake to think that the pardoning of Joe Arpaio by President Donald Trump has been met with positive approval.

In fact, there doesn’t seem to be too many people that are happy about it at all. About a decade ago he approved the illegal arrests of two journalists who worked for the Phoenix New Times. These journalists were Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, and Joe Arpaio had them arrested because they had been writing about the acts he had been committing over the last years.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were more than aware of the atrocities the Sheriff had been committing, and some of what he had done included harassing people solely based on their skin color and nationality, abusing inmates in his “Tent City” prison where many had to endure temperatures up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit and where a woman gave birth while shackled to a bed, and encouraging his staff to racially profile individuals.

They continued to shine a light on his activities, and this eventually angered him so much that he had them arrested and taken to two separate jails that he ran under the cover of night. Many people were happy when they heard that Joe Arpaio had been arrested and would be facing charges for his criminal acts ans deeds. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://frontpageconfidential.com/michael-lacey-jim-larkin-arpaio-frontera-fund-first-amendment/ and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Village_Voice_Media

That mood was depleted when news was released that President Trump had decided to pardon him. While there is still hope that the man will have to face his crimes some day, many believe he, unfortunately, never will.

Michael Lacey grew up in Newark, New Jersey and was the kid of a construction worker. He moved to Arizona in the latter part of the 1960’s to study at Arizona State University.

He eventually left the school after deciding to become a part of the Phoenix New Times, which would operate to provide people an alternative point of view rather than only getting news from conservative sources that seemed to dominate the media. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

He served the Phoenix New Times as its Executive Editor and helped to grow it into a well-known paper that covered social and political issues. He hopes that Latinos in the United States will eventually get equal treatment and fights for their rights every day.

Jim Larkin is a native of Phoenix, Arizona, and he left Arizona State University to team up with Michael Lacy so they could startup the Phoenix New Times. He took on the role of advertising for the publication and grew the paper’s audience until it reached a national level.

He has always been a supporter of equal rights for everyone in the United States and has found the treatment of Latinos by Joe Arpaio in the state of Arizona to be abhorrent. He has vowed to fight for the lives of the Latino people who are mistreated every day in the U.S.A. and hopes to see the day when equal rights for all prevail.

Dubai Real Estate Owner Formed Strong Bonds With Trump Before Becoming President

Trump became President of the United States, Trump had a strong relationship with billionaire real estate developer Hussein Sajwani.

The Trump Organization had a strong connection with Sajwani, DAMAC (a real estate group in Dubai) owner.

The DAMAC owner and Trump would celebrate New Year’s together. They partnered to build the Trump International Golf Club which had luxury villas that made these two real estate people $2 billion. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani: http://www.forbes.com/profile/hussain-sajwani and http://hussainsajwani.com/

Trump promised that he would not have any conflicts of interest with the Dubai real estate or anybody else while he was president.

Sajwani did say before Trump became President that he did have good relationships with Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, and the sons Eric and Donald Jr.

The DAMAC owner believes that his wife and Ivanka are really good friends. They send many emails to each other. Ivanka has been to his house. He goes to New York City and has meals with Ivanka. He thinks that their personal and business relationships are quite strong.

Sajwani remembered that Ivanka was pregnant when they were working on a real estate project and she was with him just be a couple of days before she gave birth. He was there three days after she had the baby. He was impressed that she would still talk business with him, despite just going through labor. They also met in her office, that impressed him as well.

Another good memory that Sajwani has of Trump was meeting Trump when his Washington hotel opened. This was just before the election and Sajwani got the feeling that the younger generation would have to take over the real estate business so the father would not have conflicts of interest. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Crunchbase and Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg

The first memory after the election was meeting the president at Maralago for a New Year’s Eve celebration. Trump called the DAMAC owner and his wife the most beautiful people.

Are the American people really supposed to believe that Trump cut all ties with Sajwani after the election? The American people will just have to wait and see of Trump will keep his word and cut all ties with Sajwani.

OSI Food Solutions, Harnessing Opportunities for International Growth

As a global leader in the food-to-go industry, OSI Food Solutions is strong and growing. A reflection of this growth is the company’s dominance in the UK foodservice market, where there is vigorous attention paid to production standards. In 2016, OSI was selected as the winner of two awards by the British Safety Council. The awards, the Globe of Honor and the Sword of Honor, recognizes recipients who demonstrate the highest level of achievement in the categories of health, safety and the sustainable use of environmental resources. This tells us that in addition to being a premiere food manufacturing and production conglomerate, OSI never deviates from maintaining exemplemary management standards. It is adherence to these standards which sets them apart from their competitors.

OSI continues its international expansion with the recent acquisition of Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe is a key factor in the UK; this extends OSI Food Solutions production in the areas of frozen poultry, pies and sous vide water oven products, and commercially prepared dressings, sauces and mayonnaise. President and Chief Operating Officers (COO) of OSI, David McDonald said the addition of Flagship Europe will, “best serve the evolving needs of our customers.” He was referring to the custom base as strengthening the positioning of OSI food production in the European market. This highlights an area that isn’t showing any signs of slowing down soon, poultry production. Poultry chicken products are in demand and this creates new opportunities for expansion of OSI Food Solutions.

Expansion of existing plants add food production diversity to the OSI portfolio. Coming on the heels of the Flagship Europe acquisition, OSI Food Solutions doubled its processing capacity of chicken products in Spain. In Portugal and Spain, there was an increasing demand for processed chicken products. Early in 2017, OSI invested €17 million in a plant, located in Toledo, Spain. With the investment, OSI added 20 new jobs to the local economy. This brought total meat production capacity to 45,000 tons of chicken, beef and pork. OSI Spain annual production went from, 12,000 to 24,000 tons. The existing production plant in Spain underwent major renovation, when OSI Food Solutions saw that the average annual growth rate percentage increased from 6 to 8 percent in three years. So to prepare for future increases, they added a 22,600-square-foot energy efficient addition. The new building included a larger production hall and a project development kitchen.

Learn more: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Osi-Group

The Entrepreneurial Focus of Jason Hope

For years Jason Hope has been turning the mobile communications industry over on its head. His work with Jawa helped to put Jason Hope on the map and now he is looking to take that momentum and use it to fuel progress in another key field: medicine. Jason Hope took notice of the medicinal research facility known as the SENS Foundation and he decided to chip in toward their cause by donating$500,000 to the foundation. Why has Jason Hope focused on medicine? What else does Hope have in store for the future? Let’s take a moment to learn a little bit about one of the more exciting futurists in the entrepreneurial world. Jason Hope’s role as an entrepreneur has never been in question but his title as a futurist is something that he had to work hard in order to earn. Hope graduated from Arizona State University with an MBA in finance.

Immediately after graduation, he took to the tech world in order to get his start in the mobile communications industry, establishing Jawa. Jawa would give Hope the success he needed early on in order to branch out and start several important partnerships. Among those partnerships was that of the SENS Foundation.The SENS Foundation is a non-profit located on the West Coast that has been working day and night in order to address age-related illnesses. Dr. Aubrey De Grey is the lead researcher at the facility and one of the primary reasons that Hope got involved with the facility. Hope cites his partnership with Dr. De Grey as one of the most exciting aspects of his career and that surely led to his decision to donate to the cause.

Specifically, Jason Hope has taken an interest in helping to facilitate a way to prevent problems like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. Hope says, “I feel that the future relies on disease prevention” and he goes on to point out how important technology is in that conversation. While many facilities are rightly searching for a cure, Hope believes that prevention is as important as any other aspect of eradicating these serious and deadly issues. Outside of medical research into biotechnology, Hope is also a devout believer of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things, often shortened to just IoT, is an umbrella term that refers to the way that smart technology will interconnect in order to make our lives easier and more efficient than ever.

The Need for Peace

Daniel Taub is an English born Ambassador who represents the state of Israel. During his time as ambassador to the United Kingdom, Taub has been responsible for bringing together the two countries, increasing diplomatic relations, and forming business deals the world has never seen before. International trade between the two countries has never been as strong, and it is important to take this into consideration, especially since Israel needs all the support they can get. Learn more about Daniel Taub: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2012/may/08/boycott-israelis-tuc-bigotry and https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jul/13/israel-peace-pressure-israeli

For a country like Israel, who has many enemies, it is extremely important for people like Daniel Taub to offer the country as much service as possible, especially since they are surrounded on all sides in the Middle East by countries who want to see them disappear. Daniel Taub has been an ambassador to the United Kingdom for four years now, but has recently resigned and is planning on returning back to his home country.

The term home country is sort of an odd thing for Ambassador Daniel Taub. He was born and raised in the British Isles, and up until late adulthood has always called the United Kingdom his true place of birth.

Taub and his family are extremely devout Orthodox Jews, and see Israel as being the home away from home that is rightfully theirs due to the promise and covenant of God. When he and his family returned to Israel, Taub made the comment that his family had finally returned home after 2,000 years of exile.

It is uncertain what his return home means to the rest of the world, especially for the British islands and their relations with the state of Israel. One thing is definitely certain, however, and that is the fact that if of personal relations to repair diplomatic relations with countries such as Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

He is already done so much work when it comes to increasing positive relationships with Jordan and Egypt. Ever since Israel became its own country not too long after the end of World War II, its surrounding neighbors have wanted to see them disappear.

There was an attempt for them to overthrow the newly-formed Israeli government when they were still weak and a fledgling nation. With Daniel Taub in the driver’s seat, this conflict situation will probably not happen again and we can look forward to a future of peace in the Middle East.

Meet the DAMAC Properties Owner: Hussain Sajwani

The issue on the dos and don’ts in the business world to achieve success has been very contentious; everyone has a different say on this. As an astute business person, it is paramount that you read about the paths that the pioneers in your field followed.

You realize everyone got to the top differently and through their combination; you can find your way to the top.

Hussain Sajwani is among the titans in real estate that upcoming investors in the business world should look upon to grow. Sajwani is among the top 100 most influential Arabs in the world. He is also a prominent philanthropist.

He recently donated AED two million to a foundation with the vision of clothing two million children globally. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani: http://www.thenational.ae/business/industry-insights/property/damac-chairman-relishes-his-roots and https://communityportal.loams.ae/

It took Hussain’s hard work and determination to get him where he is today. His journey began by pursuing Economics and Industrial Engineering at the University of Washington. After his studies, he got a job at GASCO, where he served as a Contract Manager.

During this time, he realized how one was capable of making so much money by letting others work for you. He also learned the value of time; every minute is essential and a day wasted will never be recovered. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Celebfamily and Hussain Sajwani | Forbes

With this knowledge, he began his catering venture. Currently, the business has over 200 projects and serves more than 150000 meals in Africa, CIS, and the Middle East.

In the 1990s he built hotels to accommodate the population influx in Dubai, which resulted from the business people who came to Emirates. In 2002, he had acquired enough capital to follow his real estate dream. This was when he began DAMAC Properties.

DAMAC Properties is currently the top property provider in Dubai and the Middle East. DAMAC Properties also deals with commercial properties like hotels, conference rooms, and offices.

The other chief factor in the success of Hussain Sajwani is his networking system. He is a business partner with Donald Trump. Besides this relationship with him, the two are also close acquaintances and spend ample time together. The two families spend the New Year’s Eve together.

A Closer Look into an American Mathematician, Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey is a renowned American mathematician. He has extensively worked as a mathematics professor in many Universities. Born in 1987, Michael Lacey has focused on harmonic analysis, ergodic theory as well as probabilities.

Michael Lacey has done a lot of publications, attended lots of colloquia and received many honors. Currently, he is working at Georgia Institute of Technology as a full professor.


In 1981, Michael Lacey attained his undergraduate B.S. degree from the University of Texas, Austin. For his doctorate, Michael attended the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. For his Ph.D. thesis, Michael worked in Banach spaces under probability and resolved an empirical characteristics functions problem.

In 1987, Michael Lacey began his career at the Louisiana State University as an Assistant Professor in mathematics. He shifted to the University of North Carolina in 1988 before moving to Indiana University. In 1996, Michael joined Georgia Institute of technology, Atlanta as an Associate Professor. From 2001, Michael was confirmed as a full professor in mathematics.

Publications and Colloquia

In his career, Michael Lacey has participated in publishing over 100 papers. Most notable is ‘A Discrete Quadratic Carleson Theorem,’ ‘On entropy bumps for Calderon-Zygmund operators’, and ‘An elementary proof of the A2’ in 2015. Also, he did ‘Two weight norm inequalities for the g function’ and ‘The perfect local Tb Theorem’ in 2014.

Michael has participated in many scholarly conferences around the world. For example, in 2015, he addressed a plenary on Frontiers of Singular Integrals Helsinki at American Institute of Mathematics. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

Also, he addressed a colloquium on mathematics at Universities in Sweden, Minnesota and South Carolina.


In 2004, Michael became a Guggenheim fellow. In 2008 at Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lacey received the Fulbright Fellowship and Simon’s fellow in 2012.

He won the Georgia Tech NSF-ADVANCE Mentoring Award in 2012 and An American Mathematics Society Fellow in 2013.

CHIRLA – Fighting for Human and Migrant Rights Advocacy

There are many global organizations whose primary mandate is to fight for human rights. The rights organizations advocate for human rights, civil rights, and migrant rights. One such rights organization is The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA).

CHIRLA is the leading group in California in the noble fight for immigrant families and individuals. The organization advocates for the realization of human rights, and their free participation in democracy. CHIRLA’s primary objective is achieving a society that makes it possible for all people to be inclusive. All people including immigrants should have the right to move within the country and openly participate in democracy freely.

CHIRLA has the determination of doing their work in building power and changing public opinion while changing policy for full human, civil, and immigrant rights. The Immigration Reform and Control Act made it possible to form CHIRLA in 1986 because it illegalized hiring undocumented workers which led to the abuse and exploitation of immigrant workers.

CHIRLA has a community education and outreach program which helps immigrants understand their human and civil rights as well as familiarize them with opportunities that could allow them to emerge from the shadows and participate fully in democracy. The department facilitates free group seminars, information, workshops, and other social services with relevance to the immigrant community.

CHIRLA also presses for state, federal and local immigration policies which support and protect the civil and human rights of immigrants. The group acknowledges that policy advocacy is a crucial component of any effort aimed at bringing systemic change.

The advocacy and policy program for this organization has three key levels namely state, federal and local policy and advocacy. The state policy aims in advocating for and addressing major immigrant access issues and rights.

The federal policy advocates for comprehensive and humane reform in immigration sector along with its regional and national networks. The organization also fights for immigrants on specific issues such as due process, policy advocacy that challenges immigrant legislation, and immigrant detention.

Another rights organization that is significant in fighting for migrant, human and civil rights is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. Two co-founders of the Phoenix New Times decided to dedicate their settlement money to fund organizations that fight for human and migrant rights throughout Arizona. The two individuals are Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey.

Joe Arpaio, the then Maricopa County Sherriff, arrested Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin after they revealed the existence of grand jury that was seeking reporters’ notes on any articles that covered the Sheriff. The Sheriff arrested them in the middle of the night and jailed them. Lacey and Larkin later sued the county and prevailed in the United States Court of Appeals.

The two received a US $3.75 million settlement after which they created the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund that finances groups that advocate for migrant and human rights throughout Arizona.

Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:


Adam Milstein, a Jewish philanthropist, promotes the Jewish culture

Adam Milstein is the founder and managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. This a company that he founded so that he could invest in the commercial real estate industry in the United States. His role is that of overseeing the property management, financing and disposition of the property. Adam Milstein is a native of Israel. During Yom Kippur war, he took part as a member of the Israeli Defence Forces. He has a degree from Technion which he earned in his native country in 1978 and later relocated to the United States in 1981 where he joined USC for masters in business administration.

Milstein acts as a philanthropist and a community leader for the Israeli- American community. His philanthropic efforts are geared towards a prosperous Israeli nation as well as promoting the stature of the Jews on the world map. Through his family organization known as Milstein and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, he supports fifty-eight organizations that most of which address issues affecting the Jewish community.

Milstein played a huge role in the formation of an all Jewish organization known as Israeli- American Council. He also sits on various organizations’ boards of management. Some of these organizations are the ones he supports through his family foundation. They include; the Jewish Funders Network, AIPAC National Council, Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel and Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel.

Milstein lives with his wife Gila and their three children in Encino, California.

Milstein is very popular for his philanthropic efforts. Through his family foundation, he sponsors Jewish children from around the world who would like to develop a stronger relationship with the Jewish culture and values as well as developing a connection with their motherland, Israel. Through his efforts and his wife, they have enabled numerous Jewish students to learn more about their culture and their homeland. The students have been to gain educational experiences t6hat will never leave their minds all their lives. The efforts of Milstein have been applauded by the Jewish community, especially those living in the United States. His devotion to their welfare has been remarkable. Milstein ensures that all the organizations under his foundation have projects and programs that complement each other.