The Community 5-star Facility Manse on Marsh

Assisted Living facilities are always looking for ways to improve their reviews and achieve 5-star ratings. This rating helps families to choose the facility that will care for their loved one. It a facility receives a 4-star rating they are usually lower on the list of preferred facilities. Achieving the 5 star is not easy. The facility will meet standards that are high. The reviews will come from the families and residents that are in the facility or familiar. The Manse on Marsh in San Luis Obispo is happy that they are announcing their fifth 5-star review rating in the past year. This honor is almost impossible to achieve but they did it. CEO Andy recently was recorded stating that the Manse should be congratulated for their review rating. This is indeed a high honor for a facility.

What makes the facility so great? The Manse on Marsh offers a care plan system for their residents. The care plan system helps each resident to receive the help they need without paying for help they do not need. Some senior adults may need help remembering to take their medications. Some may even need the help administering their medications. Some may need help getting into the tub or shower. They may be able to bathe themselves but unable to step up or adjust the water temperature. These issues may cause the resident to need a care plan for Activities of Daily Living. This is not the only things that residents may need help with but it is a few that are popular.

The crew also does laundry and cleans the residents rooms. The kitchen staff pride themselves on the good food they serve in the open dining area. Each time you walk into the dining room for a meal you can feel like you are dining in a 5-star restaurant. After dinner, you can stroll around and talk with your friends or enjoy yourself with one of the many activities that are scheduled. Check out the 5-star article in PR.