Sightsavers: Giving Back to Those In Need

There is a reason why Sightsavers has remained in business for sixty-eight years, and why volunteers and donors are constantly supporting them. Sightsavers announced a social media campaign in May of 2018, which was the Twitter hashtag,#UnfoldTheirDreams. This campaign helped highlight the dreams of the visually impaired and blind citizens in India, along with showing the perspective of those who had their lives transformed. Since 1966, the organization has been doing charitable work in India, such as screening people for eye diseases in order to catch them early. Sightsavers has given those with vision disabilities the tools to live productive lives and find their spot in society.

Many thankful Indians have voiced their experiences with Sightsavers, such as ten year old, Simpi, who never had the chance to attend school due to her visual impairments. Upon hearing Simpi’s story, Sightsavers got involved through their Inclusive Education Program. This program aims to enable equal educational opportunities for blind and visually impaired children. Sightsavers was able to persuade Simpi’s parents to allow her to attend school and provided her with a Braille reader. Simpi became an inspiration for the village upon taking her school exams and receiving a passing grade.

Another Indian that has voiced their experience is Madhav, a seventy-two-year-old vendor. Before developing cataracts, he was a famous vendor that sold paratha, a popular Indian “street food”. Madhav developed very bad cataracts and became legally blind. He was unable to make paratha and upon going to the doctors, Madhav found out he couldn’t afford the surgery to reverse the blindness that was coming in. A friend then brought him into a vision center run by Sightsavers, who helped set up an appointment for Madhav to have his cataracts removed, free of charge. The cataract surgery helped transform his life and Madhav became a very big supporter of Sightsavers, helping serve the purpose that the organization was based on.

Sightsavers has teamed up with many corporations to practice social responsibility, and one of those corporations is Merck and Company, which is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical company. They have donated Mectizan, an antibiotic to treat river blindness in Africa, which has helped restore eyesight for decades. This is just one example of how Sightsavers and other corporations have formed strategic alliances. Sightsavers is on a mission to positively impact society and to give back to those who need it the most by becoming a trend-setter in corporate social responsibility. As Sightsavers leads the way, the rest of us will follow and lend a hand.