Modern Makeup Company With a Clear Message

Makeup and beauty industry is bigger than ever. It seems that it just keeps going stronger and Doe Deere knows everything about it. She is the outspoken and colorful owner of Lime Crime, a brand offering its client beauty products. Originally from Russia, Doe Deere relocated to the Stated at 17 years of age. This life experience means she was able to get the best of both worlds. Deere now calls LA her home. She has fond memories from both of her homes and also remembers selling temporary tattoos at the age of thirteen and recalls it as a loving memory.


She always had a good imagination and eventually started a career in music which helped her confidence. However, her career, however, turned to makeup and she has worked on that for a while now. Lime Crime wants to offer quirky makeup to its customers and make them feel better. Lime Crime is one of the first makeup lines which have an online following since they advertise in the digital space and use social media for the marketing and networking.


Doe Deere wants to encourage both men and women to follow their dreams since it is the way she has always lived her life and it works. It is essential to do that and not shy away even if seems that life does not entirely go the direction you expect it to. Music and make-up are not usually related industries, but Doe Deere decided to give it a try, and it proved to be a success. Being a musician was also how she met her husband since they were in a band together. They both were promoting the group and proved to be a good team. It was the beginning of their relationship, and they have been going strong ever since.


Doe Deere is fond of bright and loud colors that come in with a clear statement. She believes they help people boost their confidence which is what many of their clients need. Bright colors were not famous when she started out, so the only thing to do was to start making the things she always wanted to buy. Learn more:


Makeup is an essential part of many people’s lives. It is a way to express themselves and to stand out from the crowd. Doe Deere wanted to help them since other makeup companies at the time were staying with the pastel colors, but it did not appeal to her. She wanted to be different from everybody else and to show that entrepreneurs could become as famous as one of the big brands if not more. The modern technology also allowed businesses to trade online and through social media grow their following from a different demographic. Lime Crimes followers are usually also their Instagram followers enjoying the colors and the message the company sends its customers.


Lime Crime is a band with a clear voice, and they offer their customers quality products which are cruelty and animal testing free. They are also vegan-friendly, and there are not many companies out there that can state the same thing.