ClassDojo reinvention to provide better and Quality services win them the Fast Company Innovation by designs awards

Being nominated is a feat in itself, winning it is a whole new ballgame for startups. Classdojo was among the 1700 companies nominated for the award. Its innovative and community-driven approach in their service offering gave them an edge in emerging winners of this coveted award. ClassDojo is a smartphone application that was developed by San Francisco Start Company with the aim of making the collaboration of parents, teacher and student better. The app allows parents to freely communicate with teachers and discuss the kid’s performance throughout the year.

The application was developed to replace the analog methods used by both the teachers and parents to pass the information, which was mainly done through parent teachers meeting. The app is looking forward to ensuring that the relationship between educators and parents is better than it is now. This is expected to have an effect on the kid’s performance.

Parent with the ClassDojo application installed in their devices will also be able to check on their kid’s performance in class work and co-curricular activities. They will know what books the kids need and which areas they should improve on i.e. teachers will post the student’s weaknesses on the student’s profile where the parent will log into and find all the information they need to know about their kids. The application is also expected to pave the way for mobile payments and replace the tradition methods used to make payments for school fees and pay for school trips among other payments that may be needed.

When Class Dojo Company was first founded i.e. in the year 2011, the primary goal was to provide a platform, which will revolutionize how lots activities relating to education was carried out. They offered grade books and a platform for examination. All these didn’t lead to the success of the company since the startup has not made a dime yet and this has made the directors of the company to change the product there are offering so as to gain profit and get a lot of people seeking their services.

ClassDojo has raised $21 million for app development and marketing to ensure that the ClassDojo app has a wider reach, and it is helpful to students, parents, and teachers. So far, since its launch in the year 2015, the company has reported that teachers in over 85000 schools use the application across the United States. The 25-employee company is currently focusing on making the application reach more teachers and more schools.

The company is expecting to make money off the user’s data and assures to maintain their privacy. Other sources of revenue are selling of customized yearbooks, videos and discussion guides, and syllabus lessons that parents can use with their kids back at home.