Fabletics Online for Everyone

Fabletics started out great with a different kind of online store. They don’t just offer you great clothing on their own, they give you the chance to really look and feel your best.


How They Started

Fabletics started with a subscription service that allowed them to connect with people like you. They started when Kate Hudson decided that women needed another way to look and feel great. While the company is mostly exercise clothing, they aren’t just the same kinds of clothing you may find at your local department store. They offer options that are stylish and fun as well as comfortable for your daily needs.


What They Offer

Fabletics not only offers leggings and other exercise clothing, they started offering dresses and other clothing that is made from the same material and is comfortable. The clothing is stylish and incorporates styles that are popular and fun for anyone that is looking for items that are going to be a good fit for you. One great thing about the clothing is that you can change styles as time goes on and decide you want something different.


Why Get Fabletics

There are several reasons you might want to consider getting Fabletics for yourself. The biggest is the ease. You don’t have to do a lot to get the perfect clothing. You only need to set up your account and then wait for them to show up every month. This means you won’t have to worry about going out and getting things on your own. You just go to your mailbox.


Another reason you might want to get Fabletics is the style and comfort. This company has done everything they can to make sure you are getting items that are fun and keep up with the styles that are current. They also want to make sure you are comfortable because when you look good, but aren’t comfortable, you won’t want to wear the clothing. They make sure they are good for you and you are happy with them.


There are a lot of options when you are looking for the best exercise clothign for your needs. Fabletics may not have been your first choice, but it should be. They can give you a lot of what you are looking for and that will help you feel good while wearing the clothing.

Fabletics and the VIP Membership That Can Help Fabletics Compete With Amazon

The actress turned entrepreneur Kate Hudson is doing some great things to get women excited about working out. So many people are going to be able to benefit from what she has in store. There are lots of new stores that actually give customers the chance to shop offline. What she is focusing on heavily for this is the connection to her VIP members.

Kate may be able to actually build an environment where she can get customers interested in VIP program that is presented by her in-store salespeople. These loyal VIP customers are the ones that are signing up for automated shipments each month. Before she started bringing customers into stores the only way to really inform consumers was through the internet and online description about the VIP membership program. With physical stores Kate Hudson has the ability to actually get the sales representatives inside the store to promote this VIP program.


Some women may have totally skipped over the lifestyle quiz when they were in a hurry on the website. For women like this Kate has discovered that it makes more sense to get people that are inside store to help with promoting this type of program. People that are working new stores actually going to be able to help customers discover exactly what these types of programs are about. Women will be able to get so much more information about the VIP membership when they go to a physical store. The great thing about this is that it allows more people to engage in this type of automated shipment if that is something that they desire. They are not in a place where they are without information anymore. The sales representative can promote this type of program and actually get people interested in the VIP membership in addition to showing them more clothes inside the store.


There’s definitely a benefit to open more physical stores. There are people that are still not engaged in social media so they may not have ever heard of Fabletics before. Even though millions of customers utilize this site right now there is still is a large crowd that has no idea what Fabletics is. Kate realizes this, and she knows that competition would be hard when she is competing against companies like Amazon. She knows that in order to compete on this level that she has to have physical stores.

Fabletics – Competing With Giants Such As Amazon Head-On In The “Athleisure” Category

Fabletics, a subsidiary of TechStyle Fashion Group, co-owned and founded by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson, is one of the most popular “Athleisure” brand in the market today. The company is giving tough competition to even e-commerce giants such as Amazon, which has over twenty percent market share. However, even in such a competitive market where there are so many fashion e-commerce portals active out there trying to grab customers’ attention, Fabletics is now doing a business of over $250 million. For a company that is still in the infant stage and started just over three years back, it is a remarkable feat to achieve.



Kate Hudson, who is one of the most famous Hollywood celebrities, is a role model for millions of women across the globe, and it helped the company gain that much needed momentum in the starting days. The company comes up with a new designer collection that is what the urban women are looking for. And, the best part is that the price of its products are kept affordable, which has helped Fabletics reach out to a wider audience. Its subscription model is unique and has attracted millions of customers in just three years of its existence.



The customers who enroll for the VIP membership receive an email from Fabletics each month with the selection that is personalized as per their body type, lifestyle, and preference. Such personalization helps the customers to get what they are looking for, and the members are under no obligation that they have to buy every month and can skip any month they choose. For the month the customers decide not to buy, they are not charged. It is what makes it a flexible and convenient option for the customers.



One other factor that has helped Fabletics expand as a company is its reverse showroom technique. Through reverse showroom technology, the company first established as one of the market leaders in the “Athleisure” niche and then went on to open physical outlets across the country. The company currently has 18 stores in different key cities and points in the country and plans to open much more shortly, including in overseas markets. Fabletics currently has stores spread through California, Hawaii, Florida and Illinois. Opening physical outlets across the country help the company to reach out to a wider audience and attract more customers, which is considerably helping Fabletics to grow its customer base.



Most of the women who have the VIP membership found the subscription model to be highly convenient and affordable. It is because Fabletics comes up with something new and unique each month. Its collection has received rave reviews from millions of its customers from the time Fabletics began its operation. The collection sent out to its members is personalized as per the lifestyle and preference of the customers.



As per the General Manager of Fabletics, Greg Throgmarting, it becomes much easier to please customers by knowing what they are looking and who they are. Customers looking to become members of Fabletics must take its Lifestyle Quiz as well, which would help give an idea of how the company personalizes the shopping experience for its members.

The Secret behind Fabletic’s phenomenal growth

Kate Hudson might be living the American dream after the phenomenal growth that has been experienced by her company, Fabletics. In just three years, it has reached $ 250 million in valuation making it one of the best success stories in America. It is not by luck, and there is no “Godfather” involved; it is the work of a master crafter that is Kate herself. Being a celebrity and a fashion icon has put her on a platform of knowing what is mediocre and what is likely to be a hit. This, together with research and brilliant sales techniques, has enabled Kate Hudson’s Fabletics to give Amazon a run for their money.


Fabletics is an active wear and leisure clothing company that was founded in 2013 as an online business. As part of Kate’s philosophy to help women stay active, the company initially was a vendor of women’s only exercise clothes but has since grown to include fashion clothing. The company is no longer a girl only thing after they realized the gap in affordable and stylish men’s activewear too and took the opportunity with both hands.

It is not easy to succeed in the e-commerce fashion space because it is dominated by large players such as Amazon which claims 20% of the market share. It is one of the best-known American brands and certainly one of America’s most trusted companies. However, that does not mean that smaller players cannot succeed.


Fabletics is carving its niche as a high-value brand that understands the needs of each and every of its customers. Their promise is that you can get high quality at much lower prices than previously thought and who hates a good deal?


In just over a year after they started, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics had shipped over a million orders. Big deal huh?


Yeah. That’s a big deal for a startup in a very competitive industry. They reaped big from the strategy they took right from the start. Unlike most its competitors, it is an online subscription retailer.


How it works


This business allows you to be part of their community through a subscription. Once you are subscribed, they send you surveys to gather information concerning your likes, preferences, lifestyle, etc. They then use this information to be recommending personalized outfits at the beginning of each month.


VIP membership


This is a paid subscription where members enjoy personalized selections and enjoy huge discounts.


Physical stores


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is also in brick and mortar across various locations in the U.S, and their physical stores are enjoying massive success. And they are not stopping; they will be opening more stores to add to the 16 they already have in places like California, Illinois, Hawaii and Florida.


Reverse showrooming


Fabletics benefit from this model where people browse for the best quality and prices and then buy elsewhere. This is because they can offer what people want at affordable prices. Besides, they can offer personalized services to their members and charge only about half of what their competitors charge.

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