3 Ways Thor Halvorssen Wants to Stand up for Human Rights

Born Into Desperation

Thor Halvorssen has a unique perspective informed by his birth in Venezuela. He naturally understands what it means to live under a government that oppresses you and he acts accordingly. So many people are unable to understand exactly why we need to fight against dictatorships across the world and the consequences if we don’t. With the imprisonments of his family members and other issues at hand, he knows the dangers better than anyone else.

Fighting The Good Fight

The activism of Thor Halvorssen is tackling issues that many people simply do not understand or care to know about. Despite the lack of concern he wants to make sure people understand what’s happening in countries where people don’t have basic rights such as free speech or the right to protest. In these countries we can clearly see the abuse of power and other ways that people are deprived of important needs they have. His work isn’t always safe and sometimes he finds himself in danger of being arrested or facing other serious issues.

The Films Of Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is more than a human rights activist. He has also proven himself to be an incredibly prolific film director capable of creating some of the most amazing works in cinema. His work covers just about every genre you can think of but he focuses on documentaries for the most part. His fictional works are often related to activism, but he tries to entertains his audience rather than beat a message into their head. The quality of his work is so good it has even attracted the attention of figures such as Quentin Tarantino.

About Thor Halvorssen

As the founder of the Human Rights Foundation he is one of the most well known activists in the world. He has used his life to fight for the rights of oppressed people around the world and ensure the end of autocracy around the world. His efforts are constantly endangered by opponents of open societies, but he willingly takes the risk to create a better world.