A Day In Argentina and the Life of James Dondero

Highland Capital Management LP is set to buy Argentina bonds again, and the prospect looks great across the board. Highland Capital is a financial agency that manages over $19 billion in total assets. The firm currently holds Argentinian bonds worth $4 billion that mature in the year of 2033.

Argentina’s hope is being renewed.

The new bonds sale will aide in managing national debt and enable the country to be a world player once more.

Jim Dondero, who co-founded and is now president of Highland Capital Management LP, is excited about the prospective trade. The bonds will be sold with maturity dates as five, 10 and 30 year notes. The Highland name will position itself a winner in the case. Since 2014, the asset manager had already gained annual increase on held bonds and at a 20-percent rate.

The new issuance positions Argentina to foresee their national debt fall at roughly a six percent rate. The country has suffered since 2001 though. These current actions are much needed for the country.

The firm’s president, James Dondero, is committed to the trade.

James’ expertise spans over thirty years in the financial industries.

The financial expert specializes in equity markets and credit. …with a tailored focus on distressed investing. His asset management firm began in 1993 by offering solutions to various forms of credit. From ETFs to mutual funds; hedge funds to private equity funds, Highland Capital management offers an array of financial services worldwide.

Dondero held a number of financial roles before positioning himself in and with the Highland firm.

His initial experience began with Finance and Accounting majors at McIntire School of Commerce. He then Started his career in 1984 as an analyst for the Morgan Guaranty program. Those steps led to a four year venture between 1985 and 1989 where James Dondero managed accounts for American Express as Portfolio Manager and Corporate Bond Analyst.

What will transpire in these coming days is worth having a watchful eye for. The markets will see the results, but only time can tell the outcome.

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