George Soros Continues To Focus On The Rights Of The People Of The U.S.

It is often said those who look into a nation from the outside have the clearest view of how life is being lived, and this can certainly be said about the work completed by billionaire philanthropist George Soros. The business leader who founded the Open Society Foundations network of charitable groups and the Soros Fund Management brand that handles the investments of the 86 year old Hungarian born U.S. citizen and his clients has recently been revealed by The Washington Times to be the main financial backer of the Ferguson protests that lasted from the Summer of 2014 until the late Fall of the same year; George Soros is estimated to have funded groups attending and organizing the Ferguson protests over the shooting of unarmed African American male Michael Brown to the tune of some $33 million. Read his profile at Forbes.

Although this is technically true, George Soros did not fund the groups involved in Ferguson to simply attend the protests, instead, he provided annual funding to a number of civil rights based groups in the U.S. who remain integral to the advancement of the human rights of African Americans and other minority groups. A personal fortune of over $25 billion has led to George Soros backing the work of the Open Society Foundations with over $12 billion over the life of the charitable networks. Initially focused on bringing about change in Cold War Eastern Europe, the work of the Open Society Foundations has turned towards North America since the fall of the Berlin Wall as George Soros continues the fight to protect the human rights of U.S. citizens within minority groups.

The Open Society Foundations reports George Soros has been integral to many of the most important fights within the global society he supports in the 21ts century, including his backing of the developing medical marijuana movement in the U.S. and the continuing fight to protect same sex marriage rights. Much of the work completed by George Soros in the U.S. is based on the open society theory developed by philosopher Karl Popper, a former mentor and teacher of Soros at the London School of Economics. Popper’s theory stated the U.S. Constitution is a fluid document that can be interpreted in different ways by those reading it and should be protected by liberals, such as George Soros. Even after becoming an octogenarian, George Soros remains a major figure in the civil rights groups fighting for minority rights in areas such as Ferguson and remains an active participant in the daily workings of his own hedge fund management company, the Open Society Foundations, and U.S. politics where his criticism of President Donald Trump has seen him, once again become a leader within the Democratic Party. Know more on about George Soros.

3 Ways Thor Halvorssen Wants to Stand up for Human Rights

Born Into Desperation

Thor Halvorssen has a unique perspective informed by his birth in Venezuela. He naturally understands what it means to live under a government that oppresses you and he acts accordingly. So many people are unable to understand exactly why we need to fight against dictatorships across the world and the consequences if we don’t. With the imprisonments of his family members and other issues at hand, he knows the dangers better than anyone else.

Fighting The Good Fight

The activism of Thor Halvorssen is tackling issues that many people simply do not understand or care to know about. Despite the lack of concern he wants to make sure people understand what’s happening in countries where people don’t have basic rights such as free speech or the right to protest. In these countries we can clearly see the abuse of power and other ways that people are deprived of important needs they have. His work isn’t always safe and sometimes he finds himself in danger of being arrested or facing other serious issues.

The Films Of Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is more than a human rights activist. He has also proven himself to be an incredibly prolific film director capable of creating some of the most amazing works in cinema. His work covers just about every genre you can think of but he focuses on documentaries for the most part. His fictional works are often related to activism, but he tries to entertains his audience rather than beat a message into their head. The quality of his work is so good it has even attracted the attention of figures such as Quentin Tarantino.

About Thor Halvorssen

As the founder of the Human Rights Foundation he is one of the most well known activists in the world. He has used his life to fight for the rights of oppressed people around the world and ensure the end of autocracy around the world. His efforts are constantly endangered by opponents of open societies, but he willingly takes the risk to create a better world.

Thor Halvorssen is Quickly Becoming the Face of Human Rights Activism

If your said the name Thor Halvorssen a few years ago, not many people would have known who you were talking about but that has changed over the last few years. The 39 year old President and founder of the Human Rights Foundation has made some waves lately. This Venezulan born half Swiss activist has been profiled in Buzzfeed and has appeared on such varying programs as Fox News and in Forbes and the Huffington Post

This hardworking human rights crusaders didn’t just appear from nowhere. Thor Halversson has been working tirelessly to fight for human rights since before he launched the Human Rights Foundation in 2005. He grew up in Venezula under a terrible dictator and experinced many of the same hardships, including long food lines that have plagued poor communist countries for decades. His father was arrested for his political beliefs during this time, and his mother was later shot during an otherwise preaceful protest.

While these experiences fuel his passion for protecting human rights, he does not let these experiences overwhelm him today. Halvorssen has been known to work well into the night, and to get up early in the morning when he is working on a project. According to his peers, he is always working on one project or another, trying to fight for the human rights of all people. He has no plans of stopping until all the tyranical dicatatorships are toppled and all people are able to live freely and without fear.

Part of the reason why Halversson has attracted the attention of so many differnt people is because he is not afraid to cross party lines. He does not necessarily identify as a Republican or a Democratic and is not particularly favorable of some of the policies of the left or the right. It is worth noting that he did donate as much money to Bernie’s campaign as he was allowed, but he has not backed down on canditates from all sides of the politcal spectrum. He also has taken money from both conservative and liberal organizations, but will not allow them to dictate his polices.