Matt Badiali Says Go for Gold

Thinking about investing in gold? Matt Badiali thinks it’s a good idea. The investment guru and expert geologist has been all about precious metals recently. Earlier in 2018 he was encouraging people to buy silver and now he is recommending the purchase of some gold mining stocks. So what does he know that others don’t? As a trained geologist with year so experience in the field the answer would be, a lot.

You may know Matt Badiali as the face behind Freedom Checks. What you may not know is that he is an investment analyst who helms two newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing. He is also the holder of a Masters degree and Ph.D in Sedimentary Geology. Before becoming a guru Badiali worked in the natural resource market. He first turned heads back in 2008 when he managed to make profitable returns during the crash by investing in gold. Since then he has gone on to write Real Wealth Strategist for Banyan. Real Wealth Strategist is one of two newsletters Matt Badiali pens and it shares his projections for investments in the natural resource market.

According to Badiali precious metals will eventually reach a high. Over the last year values of metals like silver and gold have fallen to new lows. While many may see this as a warning sign Badiali looks at it as an opportunity. What goes down must come up, and if you buy shares at rock bottom the values will increase as the stock goes up. Matt Badiali projects that this will happen due to silver and gold’s role in technology among many other things. Green technology in particular uses gold and silver and as the planet become more environmentally conscience a demand for the metals will begin. Matt Badiali believes the time of inflation to be coming soon.

The secret behind Matt Badiali’s investment strategy is first-hand information. He goes in person to natural resource companies and vets their operations. In the case of gold, Badiali watches how they mine for it, looks at the management, and even tests the soil. His recommendation carries the weight of actual physical proof which is why so many people trust him.

Matt Badiali Advises Investors to Buy and Hold Gold Mining Stocks

“Freedom Checks”:Get The Oil Companies To Pay You!

Many people are risk-adverse when matters of money are concerned. Many people may end up getting suckered into the next get-rich-quick scheme. Maybe they followed a financial newsletter promising a penny stock was going to the moon. After several disappointing tries of going big, many investors give up and will end up eventually passing up legitimate investment opportunities. When Matt Badiali introduced “Freedom Checks” to the investing public, his ad seemed a little too sensational. Also, many of his claims regarding these checks seemed outrageous. Although Freedom Checks proved to be a real investment option and not a scam, most people who heard about them probably never acted on them.

Matt Badiali is a financial advisor who spent much of his career as a geologist. He traveled to numerous countries examining natural resource projects and even met with many CEOs who helped him to understand the business side of a particular resource play. Many companies that pay “Freedom Checks” are natural resource companies, specifically related in some way to the oil and gas industry. Matt Badiali learned that these companies were “Master Limited Partnerships” and that it was the tax code that made these companies unique for investors. MLPs can be in business without paying the federal government any income taxes. One of the requirements for the company is that they must give ninety percent of the company profits to their shareholders in the form of “Freedom Checks”.

Matt Badiali is not just pushing MLPs because they pay shareholders good distributions. He sees many of the share prices n MLPs being significantly higher over the next several years. As Earth’s population continues to grow, more people will use vehicles and fuel consumption will rise. The US has utilized fracking technology in a way that domestic oil companies are producing larger amounts of oil. If this trend continues, the reliance on oil from the Middle East will continue to decline. All Your ‘Freedom Checks’ Questions Answered.

This will mean the US companies will be more profitable. More profits will mean higher “Freedom Checks” form these companies. Investors itching to start taking advantage of MLPs can start with a small starting capital and just need a brokerage account to purchase shares. After they are invested they will receive distributions in a similar manner to dividend investing.

Invest in technology stocks with Paul Mampilly

One of the industries that offer great investment opportunities for investors is technology. Investors in the field of technology are likely to benefit from the change in trend. When looking for opportunities in the field of technology, you need to choose options which are likely to offer long-lasting investment opportunities. The best things about available opportunities in the technology sector is that you can spot them at a very early stage. You can tell when a move is about to take place and invest in it at the appropriate time. However, technology can be confusing for investors. Technology trends keep on changing and some time they change too often. Even before us are accustomed to one trend, another one is likely to come up. So, while looking for opportunities in this field, focusing on trends that are likely to last for a long time is critical.

To understand the investment in technology better, we need to look at the advice offered by one of the key players in the investment industry known as Paul Mampilly. He is an accomplished investor and a former hedge fund manager. He loves investing in technology stocks as he sees technology as one of the fields that offer lucrative opportunities. In his recent work through the Profits Unlimited newsletter which he owns, he stressed on one area of technology that is offering some very good investment opportunities.

The Internet of Things is a revolution that is slowly being deployed in the technology sector. It is a new concept that involves devices communicating among themselves through the internet. Machines will be able to connect to the internet and in the process communicate with each other. Some companies are already deploying the internet of things concept in the production process. Pratt and Whitney is already creating aircraft engines which contain hundreds of sensors for effective communication on the status of the engine.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an accomplished investor. He works for the Banyan Hill Publishing as a senior editor. Paul Mampilly left his role in the Wall Street so that he could help Main Street Americans benefit from the stock market.

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Martin Lustgarten Investment Strategy That Has Made Him Fortunes

Investment banking can be simply defined as a division of banking that deals with investment. Investment banking helps entities such as companies, individuals, and governments to raise capital. Besides investment banking are mainly involved in giving informed advice regarding mergers, acquisition, reorganization, and giving informed advice concerning placement of investment options. Often, investment banking affiliate with other large banks in formulating fundraising strategies for various corporations, structuring companies so that they can bare optimum results, and determining the worth of companies.


Corporations, governments, and individual with intentions of venturing into investment in various sectors of the economies often require services from experts in investment banking. Further, investment banker help client in security guaranteeing and raising capital, this is because they act as agents between those who want to issues pledges to the public.


In the modern age, a career in investment banking is very lucrative. However, it is not walk in the park; it calls for more than knowledge acquired in the class. Patience, observational skills, excellent interpersonal skills, and research ability is necessary for this career. One of the most successful investment bankers is Martin Lustgarten. He is the founder, and CEO of Company Lustgarten, an investing banking firm based in Florida.  The firm has a good reputation and success record with its clients, making it one of the most sorts out investment banking in America.


Moreover, martin is known for his proven investment strategy that has made him fortunes, sales, and imports from different countries. Martin’s strategy is dated back when the country of Venezuela had serious financial issues that went beyond the government and banks control. With his strategy, he approached various banks throughout Venezuela and offered to sell dollars at a bit higher price in comparison to other common rates. As results, bank investments skyrocketed and came to fortune. He has been replicating his working strategies in other countries such as France and Singapore. Follow Lustgarten on Twitter @mlustgarten2 to keep up with his news and events.

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