Alastair Borthwick’s Unique Talent

Alastair Borthwick was born and raised in Troon before he transferred to Glasgow at the tender age. Alastair Borthwick was a prolific writer and professional broadcaster who dedicated his energy and passion for doing the best in his field. His interests in journalism prompted him to kickstart his career at teenage where he got an opportunity to work with the Evening Times and Glasgow Weekly Herald. Some of his duties included responding to readers’ queries, editing of film content for children and women and preparing a crossword puzzle. During his leisure time, Alastair Borthwick loved adventure and often went mountain climbing. There was massive unemployment in Scottish land, and therefore Alastair would join the people who went to the mountains to find leisure.

Alastair’s Career and Entry into the Army

Alastair’s professional journey enabled him to work with separate media companies such as the Daily Mirror and the British Broadcasting Corporation. He honed his broadcasting skills extensively and had a large following of audience who liked the way he addressed various issues concisely and excitingly. Alastair Borthwick left the media companies during the outbreak of the Second World War to participate as a soldier.

The leadership skills of Alastair made him the captain of the Scottish soldiers and the chief intelligence officer. He served diligently in areas such as the North Africa and Western Europe in the 51 Highland Division 5th Seaforth Highlands battalion. Alastair’s most notable contribution during the Second World War happened when he led his group in combating the German influence during the night.

His Writing Prowess

During his time as a soldier, he had an opportunity to write a captivating article on the experiences he had during the Second World War. Alastair utilized his unique writing skills to capture the events that happened during the war in a famous book called Sans Peur. Alastair Borthwick also achieved in writing the memory he had during his time at the mountains participating in adventurous activities. His best piece of paper-Always a Little Further – shows the expertise, talent and mastery of art that Alastair Borthwick possessed.