Hussain Sajwani: the DAMAC Owner and Billionaire Extraordinaire

Hussain Sajwani is one of the most success men in his industry. His company, Damac, has developed some of the most outstanding properties in the world. The buildings themselves are just spectacular, but it’s also the extra mile Damac that brings to its clients. Damac is known for its glitzy properties and over the top marketing stunts.

Despite such enormous success, Sajwani never forgets where he came from. He takes great pride in the origins of his company. During Desert Storm, Sajwani’s company supplied food to U.S. troops. It’s even been recognized for its marvelous food service.

Even though Damac Group has come a long way, food service is still a part of the company. It reminds Sajwani of his first business and enables him to cultivate important friendships in high places on a global scale. His company’s recent ventures have been in real estate properties. Lately, his company has been preparing for the UAE property price recovery.

As the market shifts more in his favor, his company is primed to capitalize in the best of ways. A company of that size and structure has numerous options. One of the final steps in taking advantage of the recovery is to hire the right bank which will offer the right advice.

In its current situation, an IPO is still being called “hypothetical”. His company already has cash and bonds and a great debt/ratio percentage. The benefits of this IPO could produce cash for expansion or allow owners to make some money from the company. There are just too many options open for any definitive conclusions to be made.

DAMAC Owner Sajwani and Damac Group have come a long way from food services. Even though he plans on keeping the food business a part of his company, the food business is too small for his ambitions. Despite having several large contracts, the success ratio is still too small. He wants to make billions, not millions.

As Dubai’s economy recovers, Sajwani has once again set his sights on expansion. He’s hopeful for the future.

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Jim Toner on How to Lead a Successful Life

For many people the last few years have probably been economically difficult. The housing market crash and the recession wiped out a lot of the wealth that people had accumulated over the years. Jim Toner is an entrepreneur and real estate investor who has had to ride these lows himself. However, he has found his way back to the top of the financial market. He believes that we are on the cusp of a time of great potential wealth accumulation. People who are prepared will have the chance to make some money over the next several years.

In this article Jim states that your personal attitude is one of the most important parts of making your wealth in real estate grow. Investors should capitalize on the low prices in the market right now. You can choose whether to see something as a hurdle or a new chance with potential for a great reward.

Jim also suggests surrounding yourself by knowledgeable, well-informed people who you can trust. It takes a team to succeed, and having experienced people around you will increase your odds of succeeding.

The article goes on to discuss the fact that it is very important for you to make yourself useful in the workplace to be successful. In order to do so, you need to take care of your mental, spiritual, and physical health. Jim Toner said it takes time to make sure he is in peak physical condition because it contributes to better decision-making and clearer thinking. You also must remember to laugh! Jim says that he believes laughing returns balance to our bodies and that being happy helps lead to success.

Lastly, the article states that one of the keys to becoming rich is acting like rich people do. There are many books written by rich people highlighting the ways they spend their time and the things they do that contribute to their success. Jim (@thejimtoner), for example, makes sure he exercises and listens to podcasts to feed his mind and body in the morning before he begins work. By following these tips, you can lead a more successful life. See the books written by Jim Toner.


Omar Boraie And Boraie Development Are Working To Revitalize New Brunswick

Boraie Development is a New Brunswick, New Jersey based real estate development firm founded by businessman Omar Boraie. Boraie emigrated from Egypt to the United States in 1970 to attend college and get a doctorate in Chemistry. Instead he succumbed to the siren call of the real estate market. His firm, Boraie Development, has been responsible for building a number of major commercial and residential projects in New Brunswick, Newark and Atlantic City in New Jersey. Boraie Development is an offshoot of a real estate agency Omar Boraie founded in 1972. The company was created to serve the Central New Jersey housing market and has offices in Dayton and New Brunswick.

Currently Boraie Development is building a New York style condominium development on on Spring Street in downtown New Brunswick. One of Omar Boraie’s sons and business partner, Wasseem Boraie, says nothing in New Jersey rivals the super-high-end project being done by architect Kondylis & Partners and it will attract the prosperous to New Brunswick. The stupendous project is being built on a long forsaken site by a company with deep roots in the area and would love to see interest in New Brunswick revived. The project would bolster the area’s tax base and be of great benefit to the city.

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Omar Boraie remembers how burnt out and dilapidated the 1968 race riots left the neighborhood in which he’s currently building the upscale condominium development. He made an earlier attempt to begin to revitalize the area when his company built a two-tower commercial building nearby in 1985. The gamble paid off. Today the headquarters of Boraie Development is in the area along with the headquarters of pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson and several commercial properties Boraie owns.

The 25-story residential tower Boraie Development is building will offer 120 apartments with one, two, or three bedrooms, full balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows on Most will be two-bedroom units in a wide array of designs priced between $400,000 and mid-$500,000. One bedroom condos prices will start at $350,000 while three-bedroom penthouse units will cost significantly more. The development will feature a fitness center, glass-enclosed pool and a 425-space, seven-story garage with a community garden on top. Residents can see the nearby Raritan River from the roof garden and the tower.

Boraie is taking underutilized land parcels on in New Brunswick and transforming them into exciting, high-quality products designed to brighten the future of the city.