Steve Lesnard Is A Marketer In The Sports Industry Who Values Influencer Marketing

Steve Lesnard has been working in the sports industry for a good part of his life, and he understands consumers in the sector like no one else does. In the past, he has done what it takes to grow brands, and he continues to do so today. He grew up in France and learned his working values from his parents. He focused on entrepreneurship and global business while attending school and eventually came to the United States to study at Babson College. He earned his MBA in entrepreneurship at the college.

Steve Lesnard went to work for the Wolford luxury fashion brand when he finished college and served the company as its marketing director. He later moved on to serve as a product manager and international sports marketing professional. After this, he worked to develop products for the sports industry and learned a lot about elite athletes during this time. He also worked for various Olympic campaigns and helped more than one company to grow. During this time, he developed more of his marketing skills and learned to work with new technologies.

Steve Lesnard has commented, time-and-time-again, about the importance of truly understanding what consumers in the sports industry need. He is glad to be alive in a time when it is easier to get to the bottom of people’s desires through big data and technology. He has has commented that artificial intelligence will help to drive the marketing of the future and that it will help companies to offer their target market more of the products and services they need the most.

Steve Lesnard has also talked about the importance of influencer marketing and how it has helped many different brands and companies. Social media has really helped to drive this kind of marketing forward, but Lesnard wants marketers to understand that they need to be sure that their influencer actually values their brand. When they don’t, it is possible they will jump ship at any point to go represent another brand. Building real connections is what marketing is all about, according to Lesnard, and he has watched many different brands do it all wrong.