The Benefits of Choosing FreedomPop

If the phone bills are looking to be more expensive than normal or the family is growing so much that it is too expensive for each family member to have a phone, try FreedomPop, a new cheap alternative that offers high quality services to those who are also on a budget. FreedomPop was founded recently in 2014 by Stephen Stokols, an innovator and a leading member of the technology industry. As an innovator, Stephen Stokols found a way to now make a mobile carrier more accessible to even some of the most impoverished regions around the world. The idea was to make mobile carriers a right of every individual rather than a luxury to purchase.

As technology continues to progress, it has almost become a requirement to have a cell phone and a mobile carrier. Though FreedomPop was only founded in 2014, it has already become an international sensation and is quickly becoming a popular product to purchase in different countries around the world. What makes this product unique is the fact that it uses wifi hot spots for connection rather than cellphone towers. In addition to this feature, FreedomPop also offers data services to be purchased rather than the actual data connection which is what makes the phone bill so expensive.

The data services that are offered by FreedomPop include texting, voice calls, as well as data. As a way to prove to the customer that this method is the cheaper option, Stephen Stokols and his company offer free services to the customer for a small monthly fee. These free services include 500 texts, 200 voice minutes, as well as 500 MB of data. All of these services carry over each month for free. This plan is the best plan for those individuals who only need a plan for communication purposes or for emergency purposes.

The high quality services that are provided are provided through the Sprint network. This plan means that for any Sprint users who wish to switch to FreedomPop, the can can be immediate and does not involve a phone to be exchanged. This gives the customer of FreedomPop more phone options to choose from that also come at a cheaper price. Though this option is a great purchase for city dwellers all over the world, keep in mind that FreedomPop is still setting up ways for coverage to be in even the most rural places.

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Bob Reina Makes Video Conferencing Easier With Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is the unexpected CEO that has made a fortunate with Talk Fusion. He is not a technology guru, but he was able to capitalize on technology because he had an excellent idea. I think that he has a fortune that is well-deserved because he has done such a great job with putting his idea out there for the rest of the world to see. He had a friend that helped him implement the idea, and the rest is history for the criminal justice major turned CEO.

I have used the Talk Fusion software, and I must say that it is quite impressive to have a software program where I can compose and send video email. That is something that I have wanted to do for many years, but I could not find a program that would allow me to do so. Now I have this type of program, and I have told everyone that I know how impressive Talk Fusion was for me.

The Talk Fusion software is quite impressive to anyone that may be interested in providing a unique spin on a newsletter or an email. Bob Reina has done wonders for emails, but that is not the only thing that he has placed his stamp of approval on. Bob has managed to become a powerful technology leader that has also managed to bring forth a lot of new technology like HD web conferencing. This is software that has allowed him to branch out and build a great video conferencing platform.

He has become someone that has other goals and priorities that he tends to. This is impressive because it shows that he is human just like the rest of us. It shows that he can still love technology, but he also has other desires as well. I believe that his technology is great, but his philanthropy is what makes me patronize him and this Talk Fusion brand.


FreedomPop Partners With WhatsApp For Better Access

WhatsApp and FreedomPop are getting together to offer people free access to WhatsApp when on the FreedomPop network. The first report came from Venture Beat, and it shows how the companies are going to help FreedomPop users make sure that they can save data while using their phones.

The WhatsApp platform is going to let people create their own phone number, and it is going to allow them to talk and text as much as they want as long as they are on the network or on wifi. It will help people who are trying to talk on the platform they are used to, and it is also important that people remember that they can use the app with other people who are already on WhatsApp.

FreedomPop is trying to be a better alternative for people who are save money on cell phones, and they offer plans that help people get what they need for free or at low prices. The free plans help people who need a phone, and the cheap plans will help people who are trying hard to save money. There is something for everyone in WhatsApp, and it is going to help people who want to make sure they have minutes and data to use at special times on their phones.  They are going to make it easy for people to talk and text over a platform that is simple for everyone to use, and it is going to help previous WhatsApp users get started at once.

MVNO FreedomPop has a grand plan to sign you up: zero-rated WhatsApp access

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