Depression Era Art Inspires Doug Levitt’s “The Greyhound Diaries”

Doug Levitt may be a name remembered by many for his work as a foreign correspondent for major U.S. TV networks such as ABC and CNN, but for more than a decade the Washington D.C. born former foreign correspondent has been working to shine a light upon the problems facing U.S. citizens living in the heart of the vast country. Levitt developed “The Greyhound Diaries” as an initial six week project inspired by the WPA era broadcasts by popular artists of the 1930s who looked to record the plight of the masses during “The Great Depression”.

The Greyhound Diaries” began for Doug Levitt in 2004 when the 2008 economic crisis was already beginning to show signs of occurring in the eyes of the artist who states the sub-prime mortgage market has little to no impact on the lives of those he travels with on the bus. Instead, Levitt states “The Greyhound Diaries” have shown him the sub-prime mortgage market was just one aspect of the issues facing the people of the U.S. in the 21st century; Levitt not only identified the coming economic crisis prior to 2008 in the early stage of a journey that has seen him complete more than 120,000 miles in creating “The Greyhound Diaries”.

Across the course of the last decade, Doug Levitt has performed at a number of the most iconic event centers in the U.S., including the Kennedy Center for the Arts; much like the WPA era artists he admires, Doug Levitt enjoys bringing his music and spoken word work to the people he travels alongside and performs at many homeless shelters as he travels the nation for the project. Read more about him,

Doug Levitt has always shown an interest in politics and assisting others that appears to stem back to the work completed by his Washington D.C. based local politician mother. After attending the London School of Economics, Levitt made the decision to remain in London as a journalist for U.S. television networks and credits his time in London for providing the catalyst for his work as a musician, writer, and multi media artist.


Norka Luque: a Doer and Dreamer

Norka is an influential figure in the Venezuelan music industry and a name to be reckoned with for her musical prowess. Her story is one of motivation for many people, her sheer talent and willpower has got Norka to the position she is in today.

Her first breakthrough was offered to her by producer Emilio Estefan who put his faith in the young musician and released her first album “Miracle”. The album’s song Milagro has been a hit in international music stations across United States, Puerto Rico and Venezuela and has already made a debut in the Latin Music Billboards. The song has influence of different music from all over the world ranging from Caribbean, reggae to Mediterranean music.

Norka’s first single came in the year 2011 called “As you do it” which earned her many accolades and nominations. She was had an important nomination to Premios Lo Nuestro 2011 for the best pop female artist.

The beginning of 2012 saw Norka unveiling her second single “Miracle” written by Archie pena which has been produced in many versions like the salsa version by Cucco Pena, a dance version by DJ Ralphi Rosario. The latest version of the song features El Cata.

The 2012 Billboard Bash got together many International and Venezuelan music artists who performed under the same platform and was hosted by TV crash and Guad. Many artists performed and NorkaLuque also happened to be one of the performers of the night.

At present Norka is working towards her next single called “Tomorrowland” which is slated to release in 2016.

Early life

Norka had a passion for music since an early age and was committed to making it big in the music industry. Her parents provided their full unconditional support in their daughter’s endeavor. She began her training with vocal practice at a local academy. She also pursued other avenues of music by training in piano, flamenco and ballet all the while she was pursuing her education. As a kid, she participated in various music competitions which according to her provided a confidence boost for her upcoming career ahead in the field of music.

Norka went for higher studies in France where she studied Business administration. She also took to studying culinary, marketing and fashion during her brief time in the country. She also joined a band called Bad Moon Rising which gave her a opportunity to sharpen her singing skills and develop into a solo professional. It was after 4 years that Norka got a chance to showcase herself in the music industry under the guidance of Emilio Estefan.

Exploring the Musical World of Norka Luque

Norka Luque is a living example of what positive stories and dreams can do when it comes to pursuing life. At a young age, Norka Luque realized that her first love was music and from then going forward, she has not wavered off that goal. Through her music she is preaching messages of hope and positive living. The support and love she got from her parents while growing up saw her begin her voice practice, piano, and flamenco lessons at the same time pursuing her education.

Working With Producer Emilio Estefan Jr

It was while taking her Business Administration course in France that Norka Luque met with her current producer Emilio Estefan Junior, an accomplished producer. She had been singing as part of a music band when Estefan noticed her talent and work and gave her an opportunity to pursue music at a professional level. Norka Luque had suffered a personal crisis which made her realize that to live is a miracle. Therefore, getting an internal platform to share her experiences through music and working with Estefan was indeed a dream come true.


Luque, alongside her counterpart El Cata, is currently promoting her song MILAGRO. The attributes the success of the song to a group of dedicated people who helped her in writing and producing the song. It was written by Hermanos Gaitan and produced by Estefan. Currently, the song is a huge hit in the US, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela; and is making a debut as one among coveted Latin Music Billboards as a favorite.

Preaching Hope Messages

Luque, in her own words, believes that every artist has the responsibility to preach positive messages to their fans; the lyrics in their compositions appeal to their deepest emotional ends. She firmly believes that both societal evolution and music are bonded and every day fresh rhythms and genres are born. However, the beauty of the message in the song should prevail. Luque, through her song Milagro wants to preach hope to anyone around the world undergoing similar problems as her. The song is a dedication to people who live daily hoping for a miracle. Her life is a product of faith, and the experiences have taught her to appreciate life and live every day pursuing her life’s dream of singing. Through her songs, Luque spreads nothing but love for everyone listening to her music. Find Norka Luque on Facebook to learn more.