Previous P.O.A. Leader’s Discontent With Current D.A. In The Bay Area

George Gascón, District Attorney of San Fransciso, was once closely affiliated with the Police Officers Association. Recently, Gary Delagnes, the former president of the POA, has brought attention to Gascón’s current attitudes about the bay area police union. Delagnes reminisced on an evening in 2010 when Gascón was allegedly intoxicated at a forum held by Harvard Law School and became very adrenalized while speaking about his time spent with the Los Angelos Police Department. Delagnes recalls George Gascón making racially insensitive comments and creating an uncomfortable atmosphere for those amongst him. According to Delagnes, the situation became so uncomfortable that a patron overheard Gascón’s excitement and asked him to subdue his emotional outburst. Gascón was speaking to Martin Halloran, the current POA president at the time. Later in an interview, Halloran would confirm the accusations held by Delagnes but did not provide specific details of the occurrence.

Delagnes openly disclosed details about his relationship with Gascón in a previous statement. The two worked together often over frequent phone calls and in-person meetings. Delagnes says that Gascón demonstrated obedient behavior and an accepting attitude when working with the San Francisco Police Department. Delagnes has made comments stating that during his time working with Gascón, that he was not critical of the network of people comprising the police department and that he never raised concerns about lack of diversity within the police department. Delagnes has defined Gascón’s current behavior as “contradictory”. There has been little response from Gascón in lieu of the accusations. However, much of information provided by Delagnes could currently be considered speculative.

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