How One Company Repaired Its Reputation

Status Labs is an online management reputation company and the Huffington Post did a piece on them about. Here is a summary of that piece and a little about the company.

In the article, Status Labs’ own reputation crisis was discussed. In the past, the company’s reputation took a hit, and the company had to make a few changes in leadership and then they got to work on repairing their own reputation.

The article detailed some of the things the company did to repair its reputation. Some of those things included working with various charities and nonprofits, as well as making the decision to take better care of their employees. They decided to implement a stock option plan and they started to cater lunch weekly, as well as schedule outings to name a few. Long story short, Status Labs used their own experience to help them repair their reputation.

About Status Labs
The CEO of the company is Darius Fisher. Status Labs is based in Austin, Texas, but they have offices in Sao Paulo and New York. As for their clients, they work with more than 1,000 clients around the world, and they have worked with Fortune 100 brands and public figures.

Status Labs offers quality services, which includes search engine optimization and social media marketing. They also offer is content creation/automation, which includes creating blogs and social media accounts. Google image curation, site management and public relations are other services offered by Status Labs.

If you are a business or an individual who needs to repair their online reputation or you are dealing with bad press and need help, then contact Status Labs.

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