The Importance of Online Reputation Management


The Importance of protecting and maintaining your online reputation is far more crucial than many people imagine. With so many aspects of our modern lives becoming decided by our online counterparts, the importance of maintaining an impeccable online reputation is essential to professional and even personal progress.


For the vast majority of people today, the internet is the ultimate answer guy; most research from homework to term papers is conducted online. When you consider how that affects business transactions and landing a future job the importance of online reputation management starts to take shape.


Statistics show that the Internet as a whole is gaining authority with the vast majority of people. According to recent surveys, over 70% of employers admit to rejecting job applications due to a piece of information found online.


With two out of three people believing the information they find online and 97% carefully reviewing online reviews before making a purchase, it is pretty obvious how much value the online reputation has.


Information on the Internet is Permanent


Now, take a moment to consider the reasons that someone would want to review your personal online information. The most common reasons are:


-Possible Employers doing research before an interview

-Landowners looking into renting history

-Children looking into their parents “secret lives”

-Curious Significant Others

-Colleagues and business associates considering business deals


You may think you are a pretty low-profile type, but there is a good chance that there is a lot of information floating about you. It would be a good idea to buff and polish this before moving on with major plans.


Professional Reputation Management by Fix Search Results


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