Dr Rod Rohrich Is Considered One Of The World’s Best Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Rod J Rohrich is a world-renowned plastic surgeon who operates out of Dallas Texas. He is a professor of the practice as well and conducts his operations at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Dr. Rohrich is highly respected by his peers and is an innovative technician. He has appeared on many different television shows and serves as a leader in various foundations. His specialty is restoring youth to the human face and body.

Dr. Rohrich co-founded the Plastic Surgery Department at UT Southwestern. He has a passion for spreading knowledge as a professor. Dr. Rod J Rohrich is originally from the state of North Dakota where he received his first degrees from North Dakota State. He graduated from the University with honors and went on to medical school at Baylor University. Dr. Rohrich also graduated with honors from Baylor and went on to pursue even higher levels of education. Dr. Rohrich earned his residency in plastic surgery and general surgery. Rod Rohrich continued to push himself and seek further training from other major medical institutions. He later traveled to England and worked at Oxford University as a pediatric surgeon. Dr. Rohrich went to Harvard Medical School where he completed several intense certification programs. He then joined his Dallas team at UT Southwestern in 1986.

Dr. Rod J Rohrich has been a trailblazer in the world of expert plastic surgery for many years and holds leadership positions at several prestigious organizations. He founded the Board of Governors of the Endowment for Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Rohrich commits to philanthropic work with his personal foundation. The foundation works with medical students in his native state of North Dakota. Dr. Rohrich travels to rural countries and trains local doctors. They focus on children with disabilities and traumatic injuries. His foundation looks to bring medical care to those who are less fortunate.

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