Talkspace Is Modernizing Therapy

There are many reasons to seek out therapy and Talkspace has made it easy for everyone to reach out for help. The company itself is based out of New York City. However, because the interactions between the therapist and client take place online, there is no need to travel to an actual office. The procedure is fairly simple. Once the client contacts Talkspace, they are paired with a therapist. The client will pick a plan to meet their needs and contact between client and therapist will begin.

Good mental health is an important aspect of everyone’s life. Everyone at some point in their life needs someone to talk to. Even celebrities, who seem to have it all, struggle with problems. Micheal Phelps is one of those celebrities. Phelps has paired with Talkspace to get the word out about the importance of good mental health. Phelps has recently shared that he too struggled with depression and anxiety. Things had gotten so bad for him, that he considered taking his own life. Luckily for him, someone intervened and he started to see a therapist to get the help he needed.

Phelps is not alone with his struggle for good mental health. Talkspace’s goal is to make it possible for everyone to have someone to talk to. The text-therapy platform does modernize the way people seek help. After all, just about everyone carries a mobile device. Recently, Talkspace hired a chief medical officer. Neil Leibowitz has been hired to oversee the prescribing of medications. Under Leibowitz, Talkspace’s psychiatrists are able to prescribe medication to their clients through the company’s platform. This allows clients to get the medication that they need quickly without having to go to an actual doctor’s office. Talkspace is striving to make therapy available for all. Not only by making it easy for people to reach out for help through their app, but by working to eliminate the stigma that is associated with mental health issues.