Lime Crime Transformed Makeup

Lime Crime is a trendsetting internet based beauty brand created by the innovative entrepreneur Doe Deere. Known for its bold and daring makeup, it has easily become a favorite among rebellious individuals that are looking for unique ways to express themselves. Deere calls these individuals her Unicorns with whom she and her brand interacts with on social media networks such as Instagram and Twitter.

#DIAMONDCRUSHERS ✨💎🔨 Your dreams of being a fairy on acid are about to come true…

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It was important for Doe Deere to create a brand that not only represents her eccentric style but that is also made with quality ingredients and is cruelty-free. Certified vegan and cruelty-free by PETA and Leaping Bunny guarantees that no animals were harmed or killed in the creation of Lime Crime’s products.


Deere’s brand continues to grow and produce a broad range of striking colors. The latest products by the revolutionary brand includes metallic liquid lipsticks and matte Velvetines in colors ranging from burgundy to purple.

Lime Crime was one of the first cosmetics companies to focus on e-commerce. Many believed that makeup would only sell if customers could sample the products in person. Deere’s brand proved the naysayers wrong. Lime Crime has a strong following due to its success as an online cosmetics brand and can also be found at brick and mortar stores such as Urban Outfitters which carries its lipsticks and eye shadow palettes.


With pioneering an online cosmetics company many consumers turn to social media makeup gurus such as Celia Leslie whose YouTube channel has almost 130,000 subscribers. Celia Leslie is a fan of Lime Crime’s Velvetines and has a video modeling over 20 shades that has garnered over 600,000 views.


It is no accident that Lime Crime is as successful as it is today. Doe Deere is passionate about creating quality products and her love for color and fun is what attracts fans to this ground-breaking brand.  Find them affordably on, which has a huge selection of Lime Crime’s matte lip products.