Commitments of Jingdong Offer a Green Future

In China, Jingdong dominates the e-commerce industry. Today, made an announcement. It will obtain the 2018 SEAL Award. To obtain such an award from SEAL a company has to bring sustainability, show leadership, and get an environmental achievement.

About SEAL Awards

The Seal is an environmental promotion association. It honors leaders who strive to combat climatic changes. This is in media and business industry. Its pillars include Environmental Journalism Award, Environmental Research Grants, and Business Sustainability Awards program.

Recognizing Efforts

Jingdong will join the class of leading companies such as Nike, Apple, and Samsung. Recognition is proof of their devotion to social innovation, environmental cause, and impact fullness. Its initiatives have assisted the company to establish and implement programs that cultivate sustainable evolvement. Actions such as the product creation process, packaging, sales, and distribution convey a positive, lasting, and durable impact on society.

Libo Ma’s Take

President of Corporate Social Responsibility, Libo Ma said that it was an honor for to get recognition at the Seal Awards. The company’s champion for corporate sustainability will see them join other leaders striving for the same. Jingdong CEO believes a company’s measure should be of its contributions to society. basic belief is that they have the authority to improve the community.

SEAL’S Views

The Seal awards patron, Matt Harney said Jingdong’s recycling action granted it a high score from the judging panel. The platform’s impact metrics- recycle of 400,000 toys and over 1 million clothing throughout 47 cities marvels the board. Seal Awards applauds Leadership, the logistics network and its stretched-out customer base. The company provides a meaningful improvement to the planet.

What Makes Stand Out sustainability programs use technological advances such as supply chain network and self-developed logistics to get to China’s population. The company applies extensive infrastructure and cutting-edge technology that generate compelling contribution. Contributions exceeding RMB 700 million caters to education, social innovation, poverty alleviation, disaster relief, and environmental protection.

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