Hussain Sajwani Unrivaled success in real estate

The Donald Trump of Dubai as many refer him to, Hussain Sajwani is a real estate developer born in 1952/53. He is the owner of DAMAC properties a real estate company that focuses on property development . He is certified with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and economics from the University of Washington has received a government scholarship  and it makes work from home data entry the easiest to spot in all of these things too which is the ultimate for Hussain Sajwani. He started out his career at Abu Dhabi gas industry.He then established Bechtel which has grown to be known as Global Logistic Services.


Two decades ago, he became DAMAC owner which is publicly listed in the financial market and it specializes in property development.The organization is the biggest of its kind in the Middle East. The company has taken part in projects such as the golf course managed by Donald Trump and designed by Tiger Woods, Trump luxury hotels with interiors from Versace and Fendi and Paramount hotels.


The real estate firm has been able to navigate through challenges by the control of its expenditure and firm rules for buyers in the financial crisis. Serving clients with pending debts bring more harm to the business. The film follows three principles; having zero debts on the property, making sure that each project is independent of itself hence reducing the transfer of funds from one account to the other and finally keeping the cash in fixed deposit accounts and bonds to provide for any construction in the case of a market shift.


Recently, the group announced a forthcoming second trump golf course project which will be opening in two years. Along with current president of America, they have maintained a good business relationship which future may contribute to eliminating Islamophobia that is present. He plans to expand his empire in the United States, and with the decrease of taxes in the industry this will create favorable conditions to pursue the ambition.


In honor of the UAE ruler towards giving back to society, Sajwani family has gone forth to donate clothing to the less privileged children. He takes part in the Yemen We Care organization that helps refugees’ trapped in the conflict that was within. His contributions have been towards providing primary health care, relief, and education. Evidently, with his vast empire comes a huge giving heart.


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