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One of the industries that offer great investment opportunities for investors is technology. Investors in the field of technology are likely to benefit from the change in trend. When looking for opportunities in the field of technology, you need to choose options which are likely to offer long-lasting investment opportunities. The best things about available opportunities in the technology sector is that you can spot them at a very early stage. You can tell when a move is about to take place and invest in it at the appropriate time. However, technology can be confusing for investors. Technology trends keep on changing and some time they change too often. Even before us are accustomed to one trend, another one is likely to come up. So, while looking for opportunities in this field, focusing on trends that are likely to last for a long time is critical.

To understand the investment in technology better, we need to look at the advice offered by one of the key players in the investment industry known as Paul Mampilly. He is an accomplished investor and a former hedge fund manager. He loves investing in technology stocks as he sees technology as one of the fields that offer lucrative opportunities. In his recent work through the Profits Unlimited newsletter which he owns, he stressed on one area of technology that is offering some very good investment opportunities.

The Internet of Things is a revolution that is slowly being deployed in the technology sector. It is a new concept that involves devices communicating among themselves through the internet. Machines will be able to connect to the internet and in the process communicate with each other. Some companies are already deploying the internet of things concept in the production process. Pratt and Whitney is already creating aircraft engines which contain hundreds of sensors for effective communication on the status of the engine.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an accomplished investor. He works for the Banyan Hill Publishing as a senior editor. Paul Mampilly left his role in the Wall Street so that he could help Main Street Americans benefit from the stock market.

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