Kevin Seawright: Making Dreams Come True

Kevin Seawright is incredibly serious and passionate about Baltimore. The city means something to him and holds a special place in his heart that can’t be duplicated by any other city or state for that matter. Because of this, he is all about giving back to the wonderful city. He is doing that with the RPS Solutions LLC, which gives affordable homes to those in the Baltimore area, many of them first-time home owners. He started this in 2015 and it has already grown to measures he never thought possible and he seen the smile of many homeowners. You have to understand, these are people who thought they would never be able to call anyplace a home. This means something to them. Your home is where you lay your head after a long day.

It already is for those who live there, but many are unaware of its benefits. They don’t know all of the great things that are there for others to take in and enjoy. The fact they were able to fill the Belvedere Square neighborhood is showing they are making tremendous progress with their program.

The great thing is this is only the beginning. It is going to get bigger and better. To me, this says a lot about Kevin Seawright and the type of individual he is. He is taking time out of his busy schedule to make this a reality and help it reach epic proportions. With him at the helm, anything is possible. He works hard, doesn’t stop, and does this out of the goodness out of his heart. He isn’t looking for a pat on the back or any special trophies. That is not why he started this and why he is doing it. He is not that kind of person. He wants home ownership to be something that everyone and anyone can accomplish in the Baltimore area. He doesn’t want it to just be something for a few people.  Read more about Kevin’s phenomenal career at Vizualize.

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  1. Lucille Manuel

    The goal is to increase the current city home-ownership rate of 48.3% and make it Baltimore a place that is somewhere special to live for its residents. The fact is that on time essay is what I need now to get myself to Baltimore properties.

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