Know More about Equity First Holdings

Equity First Holdings was established in 2002. It has grown to be one of the most leading providers of loans security for business enterprises and individual business investors. The Equity holding Company offers the loans based on the evaluation of investor’s future performance of treasuries, stocks. The Company’s headquarters is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, the Holdings has a New York satellite offices. Also the Equity company has international offices in oversees like Bangkok, Hong Kong, cities of Australia and London. The operations of Equity Holdings were carried out under the guidance of an experienced and experienced team of leaders.

Equity Holdings is a private company that provides investments for customers that cannot access conventional loans that are secured due to their low credit rates. According to Mr. Christy Jr., the CEO use stocks as collateral to provide any alternative for innovation borrowing. Equities holdings compared to other margin loans, the investments come up with a higher loan value ratio. To achieve such in the transactions, the loans have a standard fixed interest rates.