Krishen Iyer’s Impact on the Insurance Industry


Krishen Iyer has a Public Administration degree from the San Diego University. Since graduating, Krishen Iyer has developed an interest in the insurance industry. He has launched and successfully operated companies in insurance for quite some time now. The very first company he established in insurance was called Name My Premium LLC which he founded in the year 2002. Not too long after he started operating the company, Krishen became the Chief Executive Officer as well as the chairman of the company. The company went through a period of tremendous growth that saw to it becoming one of 2015s Inc. 5000. Name My Premium was an insurance marketing firm. Since then it has been an uphill journey for Krishen Iyer who went on to establish yet another company in the insurance business that is also performing tremendously.




Krishen Iyer’s Managed Benefits Services




For the years that he has been in the insurance industry, Krishen Iyer noticed a gap in the industry. However much the online marketing business boomed, the industry had not yet been bitten by the online marketing and e-commerce bug. So he launched a company that would fill this evident gap in the industry. Managed Benefits Services is a firm that works with their clients who are insurance companies or brokers in order to help generate leads for their firms and businesses. The marketing and insurance agency that is Managed Benefits services employs the use of analytical procedure through which they help their clients meet potential customers. The main aim of the operations of the company is to increase the sales for their clients who are insurance companies and insurance brokers from different parts of the country and firms.




Other than insurance, Krishen Iyer has also dabbled in real estate where he established a firm called Iyer Real Estate Holdings to which he was the president and chairman.