Luiz Carlos Trabuco Helps To Advance The Mission Of Bradesco Seguro

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is considered to be an embodiment of hard work and real financial prowess. In the financial industry, his aptness and hard work have led him to become a leader on issues related to financial management, and he has been put in charge of the most competitive banking institution, Bradesco.

The enterprise has been conducting commercial operations for more than seven decades now, and surprisingly, only four individuals have made it to the senior most position of leadership. The first person to take leadership in the company was Amador Aguiar and the financial skills that he displayed made the post of president to be associated with refined skills and best decision-making ability.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has recently taken over the leadership of Bradesco, and many of those who work directly or indirectly with him can attest to the fact that he has been patient enough to learn. Once he acquired the right skill, he applied it in a more refined manner such that his decisions resulted in positive results.

Bradesco Seguro leads other financial organizations in the Brazilian economy, and it has assets that are valued at $ 900 million, and account holders who have saved more than $ 25 million. Luiz Carlo Trabuco traces his birthplace to Marilia, and his career is a reflection of the craft that is adopted by employees at Bradesco. His path to success is directly related to that of the previous leaders since it exhibits a steady upward trajectory throughout the time that he has been working at the organization.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco undertook his studies from the University of São Paulo where he obtained a degree in SocioPsychology. His career at the banking institution kicked off in 1969 when he was only 18 years. Four decades have passed since he joined the bank and now he is the president of the organization. In the course of time that he worked at the company, he ended up becoming seasoned in financial matters as he worked in different departments. His career started shinning in 1984 when he was appointed to be the overall departmental director.

After 14 years of holding onto the position, he was named to be the Managing Executive Director, and one year later, he was further appointed to be the Executive Vice President. In 2003, he was nominated and then appointed to the position of president. In the course of his tenure at the company, Bradesco Seguro managed to experience immense growth than ever before. Within six years after Luiz took over leadership of the company, its assets value doubled from $32 to $ 78 billion. Additionally, within the initial year of Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s leadership, the equity of the firm spiked by more than 7% from an initial 22%. Since then, it has never gone below 27%.

Lately, Itaú Unibanco has come out firmly, and it is the only institution that has managed to challenge the financial prowess of Bradesco Seguro. However, most financial experts such as Matias Jacinto view this as a short-term problem that will be reversed, and the latter will be able to reclaim its glory in the Brazilian Economy. Other positions of leadership that Luiz Carlos Trabuco holds include President of National Financial Marketing Commission, Anapp, and International Association of Economics Studies of Insurance.

Apart from offering banking services, Bradesco Seguro also provides clients with insurance services. Luiz has continuously been advancing the adoption insurance plans by institutions in Brazil as it is the only sure way of guarding assets against risk. According to Luiz, protection against loss is vital for enterprises as it secures the continuity of a business irrespective of the economic down-times that may be encountered.

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