Malcolm CasSelle: Here’s What You Need TO Know About The CIO Of OPSkins

For the CIO of OPSkins, Malcolm CasSelle has believed in and supported blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. For CasSelle, his Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) platform WAX Tokens are an essential portion of this unique Worldwide Asset eXchange, because they utilize tokens that accept virtual goods. These special tokens are versatile because they can be used in video games as well as converted and swapped for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

One of the big reasons for WAX is that they provide a service to the 400 million or more players who are allowed to collect, purchase, and sell their items used in their games. When it comes to WAX, traders in virtual goods have two fewer issues to be concerned with — fragmentation and fraud. A widget is a key part of solving two main technological problems. The widget that is part of the WZX platform utilizes blockchain technology. Gamers on WAX will never have to click off a video game when the widget in use and players can buy and sell virtual goods in real-time.

The process of purchasing and selling these goods is a much more seamless process with the WAX widget. The WAX platform is also flexible because it allows the differentiation of many cryptocurrencies with no go-between. One of the issues with FOREX trading is that it has hampered the virtual good trading market. WAX is much more robust regarding transactions and blockchain technology. And WAX is much more secure than many other platforms, whether it deals with gaming or another business model.

WAX has DPOS, which is a consensus algorithm. This blockchain technology that is a critical element of WAX is unique because it is considered efficient, decentralized, flexible, and the fastest when it comes to these consensus-based models.

Malcolm CasSelle, who is the President of WAX, believes in the blockchain technology. CasSelle was also quoted as saying that video gamers can be the catalyst to make cryptocurrency a mainstream thing.

Mr. CasSelle was awarded a bachelor’s degree from MIT in 1991. And he also earned a Master’s degree from Stanford University in 1994 in Computer Science.

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