Matthew Fleeger’s Contribution To the Oil and Gas Industry

Businessman, Matthew Fleeger, is well-known for his success in the gas and oil industry. He was a graduate of the Southern Methodist University where he studied marketing and finance. He started his career right after he graduated, and he owes his success to his father because he gave him the courage and inspiration to pursue the company. Fleeger is full of ambition, and this led him to enter the world of entrepreneurship.

Before developing and owning the company, he was able to enhance his leadership skills by working in different executive positions and roles. Afterward, he worked for his family business called the Gulf Coast Western. Fleeger also founded a company that is responsible for management and disposal of waste named MedSolutions back in 1993. Matthew Fleeger was able to lead and achieve success in MedSolution by being the Chief Executive Officer and director. In addition to this, he eventually sold the company and continued his job at the Gulf Coast Western for the opportunity that was waiting for him.

Gulf Coast Western

The company was founded by his father back in 1970. Matthew Fleeger took over the business in 2007. He managed to expand the business by earning more customers and increasing their capability when it comes to funding.

Gulf Coast Western has sufficient resources, professional teams, and manages gas and oil through joint ventures and partnerships. The goal of the business is to develop, search, and obtain domestic gas and oil that can be particularly discovered in the gulf coast. Matthew Fleeger stated that the success of the company is because of their accredited and empowering partners and by building respect and honesty throughout the organization. The company continues to focus on geological advantages and structures, they also expand their connections by seeking out other enterprises with an open mind.

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