Nick Vertucci Sums Up His Journey To Success With A New Motivational Book

Right from bearing the brunt of the dot-com crash to struggling to stay afloat financially before joining the police service, Nick Vertucci has had a rough, yet inspiring journey to success. And he lays it all bare in his new book and memoir, Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.

Nick Vertucci is a vocal advocate of success through will and hard work and through this book, uses his personal experiences to teach others on how to follow their passions into success. He even goes on to share the principles he used on his journey to success with an emphasis that “you don’t strike rich by playing safe.”

Key takeaways from the book

Apart from describing how he held himself up after near bankruptcy, the book is riddled with numerous life and business lessons that every aspiring entrepreneur should start practicing. It especially details how to push past one’s fears when pursuing a goal as well as how you can alter your mind into thinking bigger and aiming higher.

It also explains some of the most common pain points for startup such as dealing with clients. The message here is a clear as Nick advises that one can only achieve seven figures once they put the interests of the clients before their own. Most importantly, the successful real estate industry player explains the practical steps on how to start a flipping business.

Different teaching approach

The book explores a different type of preaching the flipping house business gospel that Nick Vertucci has been advocating for a while now. To some extent, it is a summation of the nick Vertucci academy that teaches both active and aspiring individuals on how to start a business in real estate, propel it to prosperity, and ensure its survival. Being a flipping house specialist, Nick lets his students on his trading secrets such as where and when to buy, how to minimize upgrade costs while maximizing on quality as well as how to ensure it reaches your target market.

The book also compliments his teachings spread to his audience through nationwide seminars as well as through his weekly radio show dubbed “The real estate investing hour.” With all these resources, book seminars, and radio show, Nick does more than just enlighten individuals about the real estate market operations. He quenches their thirst on any issues related to entrepreneurship. Nick advises anyone facing hard times with their business to find inspiration in his new book.