OSI Group McDonalds Embraces Sustainability

The success and growth of OSI Group McDonalds showcases the importance of good leadership within a corporation. The use of cutting-edge technology has aided the company’s efficient food production. These forms of technology have also ensured that the corporation is able to manufacture food products sustainably. OSI Group McDonalds has also earned many prestigious awards such as the California Green Business Award, the North American Meat Institute’s Award, and the Global Visionary Award.

OSI Group is among the largest privately owned corporations worldwide. The company has 65 plants that are spread out throughout 17 countries. With such an extensive outreach, the company employs more than 20,000 individuals. OSI Group’ has also been using innovative technology since the 19th century. For instance, the company started using liquid nitrogen to preserve food. This breakthrough fortified the working relationship between the McDonalds and OSI Group. Since the advantages of technology were now evident, OSI Group invested heavily in technological to add value to the company. Read this article of OSI Group McDonald at provisioneronline.com

The products produced by OSI Group McDonalds are always on demand since the company is always up to date with the needs of their consumers. The company attains information about consumer trends through the research and development team. OSI Group McDonalds also has two Innovation Centers that are mainly tasked with looking into more efficient food production practices.

To enhance sustainability at OSI Group McDonalds, a chief sustainability officer leadership docket was formed. Nicole Johnson-Hoffman was issued the new position, and his primary goal will be formulating new sustainability strategies and implementing them accordingly. Since Johnson-Hoffman has held a variety of leadership positions in the past, his expertise will come in handy while spearheading the sustainability vision at OSI Group.

Since OSI Group has been trying to curb instances of extreme pollution to the environment, the company was issued the California Green Business Award in 2016. The company was also commended for using highly efficient forms of technology during the production process. Additionally, OSI Group has implemented a ride-share program that is used to ferry the company’s employees from one destination to another using fewer vehicles to reduce the adverse effects of car emissions on the environment.

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