Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Offers Public Apology

Steve Ritchie is the CEO of Papa John’s, one of the top pizza companies in the United States. Recently, he was in damage control mission after the founder of the company John Schnatter uttered racial slur in a conference held in May. The company has come under criticism following the utterances of the Schnatter.

Since the reports emerged, John Schatter has resigned from his position as the board chairman of Papa John’s. Even as he resigned, he apologized for making the utterances to shield the company from further criticism. Even after the resignation of the founder, it was up to the current management led by CEO Steve Ritchie to defend and restore the image of the company.

One of the steps that Steve Ritchie took to control the damage created by the founder was to write an open letter that was posted on the company’s website. In the letter, he promised to ensure that such a thing does not occur and that the company will try to do everything right in the future.

According to, he indicated that the company would be hiring an expert to analyze the company’s policies to ensure that there is none that poses a threat to their customers. The company appreciates all the customers and want them to feel highly respected despite the recent debacle.

Another step that will be taken by the company is to have the company’s executives go round the country in various places where they have businesses. The executives will listen to the concerns of the employees. The company has promised to respect the opinions of all their employees.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s has promised to create a platform that will allow two-way conversation between the employees and the executives. The platform will ensure that all concerns that the employees have are forward directly to the executives and feedback availed promptly.

Steve Ritchie (@PapaJohns) has promised to lead efforts to restore the image of the company. He will be directly involved in addressing the issue and ensure that an amicable solution is arrived at. Apart from the letter he posted on the company’s website, he wrote another one addressed to the employees and which included an apology on behalf of the company.

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