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As most of the general population knows, our beloved planet is becoming more and more polluted with every passing day. Due to careless dumping of nuclear waste, overcrowded landfills, deforestation, and other contributing factors; our precious Earth is dying. With concern for our planet and our overall well-being, many companies have turned to ecological solutions for their products. One of those conscious-minded companies are Eucactex.

Eucatex is a Brazilian based corporation that focuses on producing a wide selection of flooring and other home improvement items by using eco-friendly materials. The company was established in 1951 with the goal of preserving the environment and creating quality goods. Eucatex uses eucalyptus fiber for their wooden panels and was the first company of its kind in Brazil.

The enterprise began as just a small mill, but later expanded branches in 50 other countries, including the U.S, Mexico, and the Netherlands; with the help of a talented mechanical engineer by the name of Flavio Maluf. Maluf is also a lawyer and successful entrepreneur. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) in São Paulo in and even studied abroad for a year at NYU. Maluf began his career with Eucatex in 1987 by working in the trading department. Later he transferred to the industrial area where he stayed until he became a part of the frame executives Eucatex Group in 1996.

The award winning Flavio Maluf proved to be a valuable part of the company and was elected president and CEO of Eucatex. He is also the president of Grand Foods, a wholesale food distributor. With Eucatex under the direction of Maluf, the enterprise began to engage in reforestation. The company now solely uses the resources and materials that they grow in their renewable forests to ensure that they are not contributing to erosion and deforestation.

Maluf is equally as concerned about the community and his employees as he is about the well-being of our planet. He participates in local charity events and volunteer programs. Flavio has lead Eucatex to partner with many groups, and it has been beneficial to both the groups they’ve collaborated with and the environment.

Flavio Maluf is credited for revolutionizing Eucatex and turning it into a global competitor in the construction industry. He is devoted to his business and taking extra steps to preserve the world around us. Maluf has ensured that Eucatex has the experience, global reach, and confidence that it needs to thrive in both the Brazilian and worldwide markets.  Check out Flavio’s blog for more information.

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