Ryan Seacrest Is Working Even Harder Today Than He Was 20 Years Ago

Ryan Seacrest is one of the hardest working men out there today, even among other hard-working individuals all throughout Hollywood. Ever since he was 16 years old, Ryan Seacrest was dead set on what he wanted to do. Ryan’s has named many people for being an inspiration in his own goals, but one of the most defining moments for Ryan came when he had the chance to work on a radio show when he was 16 and still in Atlanta. After this first instance with a microphone, Ryan knew there was something special about this particular platform that fit him well.

Ryan has been climbing the ladder in the world of popularity ever since he started doing radio back in 2004. Although Ryan found a decent level of success with his radio shows, it wasn’t until American Idol that he really blew up and became a full-blown celebrity. It was joked about during one of Ryan’s skits, but he really is more famous than many of the individuals he interviews on the red carpet simply because he has been working his way up for more than 15 years.

Many people are familiar with Ryan from his usual jobs, like being on the radio, the red carpet, or American Idol, which ended back in 2016 but started up a reboot this year with Ryan as the host. But the truth is, Ryan Seacrest is always managing at least half a dozen jobs or more at any given time. He maintains three different radio shows, including On Air With Ryan Seacrest. He manages the Ryan Seacrest Foundation as well as his own clothing line known as Ryan Seacrest Distinction.

Despite the fact that he is a huge success all across the board, Ryan still hasn’t taken the time to really slow down even at the age of 43. In his very own words, it is because he is simply impatient. Ryan enjoys his works and likes to keep busy and his impatience is what keeps him efficient throughout every single day, so impatient in fact that he never takes lunch breaks. Follow Seacrest on Instagram.

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