Sandy Chin: Fluctuation of the Markets on December 2018

The stock market experiences many fluctuations from time to time. The American stock market is no exception. For instance, the American stock market suffered a massive plunge on 4th December 2018. It was then that most experts in the financial markets took to the media to explain the reasons for the sharp fall. One of the stock experts who gave out their opinions is Sandy Chin.

Sandy Chin’sAcademic Accolades and Educational Background

Sandy Chin enrolled for a degree in political science at Columbia University. However, she, later on, changed her mind and went over to the financial markets to start a career in finance. The reasons for the financial markets made her defy the law degree that she was initially pursuing. Later on, she learned a lot on matters relating to the financial markets at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette (DL & J) under a mentor.

What Were Some of her Opinions Regarding Market Fluctuations?

The crash of the markets led to numerous speculations from different quarters in the United States. Sandy Chin was among some of the experts who joined the bandwagon to give their professional advice regarding the market crash. Indeed, it was a time when the American media was awash with advice and opinions from a plethora of individuals.

The first reason that was given by Sandy Chin to have contributed immensely towards the crash was the financial instability that rocked the world at that time. The uncertainty was as a result of the imbalance in trade that existed between China and the United States. Furthermore, it was also a time when the U.S was characterized by a murky political environment that impacted negatively on the markets.

Secondly, Sandy Chin also noted that another reason that might have led to the market crash was the economic instability that existed in the U.S at that particular time. There were different reactions given by people who had invested massively in the stock market — for instance, those who had invested for purposes of speculation sold most of their shares to avoid incurring further losses.

The Bottom Line

It is no doubt that the financial markets will always experience fluctuations. One of the ways through which the fluctuations may occur is through a sharp decline in stock prices over a short period. For that reason, financial experts such as Sandy Chin’s advice usually come in handy during such crises. Their information provides both traders and investors with the appropriate actions that they should take in the wake of such anomalies.