Securus Technologies Promoting Security In The Correction Agencies

Securus Technologies is a leading firm in the establishment of criminal and civil justice resolves used in investigations, public safety, monitoring, and corrections. Under the able leadership of Rick Smith, the prison technology firm delivers technology that safeguards the society making the detention facilities safer and better. The corporation focuses on giving solutions that center on deterring and resolving crimes both in the free world and in the inmates’ cells.


According to the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Rick Smith, on average, the corporation develops a new service or product that supports the correction and law execution officers to preclude and solve crimes. Smith announced that they receive thousands of formal letters and emails from jail and prison officers across the U.S regarding their products and how their efforts support them in safeguarding the society, the inmates, and their families as well. Mr. Smith notes that incorporating safety in their endeavors is the principal focus of the firm, and they are privileged to serve and also protect the society.


Recently, Securus Technologies endorsed a Stock Purchase deal to secure JPay Inc. Jpay is a leading provider of email, electronic payments, and a set of educational as well as entertainment-related software to the prison space, and is presently in use in over 30 prison systems in different states. The deployment of these technologies considerably enhances the aptitude of the correction facilities to avert crime, downgrade waste, and lower recidivism. The digital platform provides the inmates with access to education, books, music, email, shopping, and games.


Based in Dallas, TX and working with an estimated 1,200,000 inmates, over 3400 public safety, correction and law enforcement organizations throughout North America, Securus Technologies is devoted to supporting by offering services and products that enhance the safety of the inmates and the public at large. Securus Technologies concentrates on connecting what counts.


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