Securus Technology Is Keeping Families Connected, Taking Inmate Communication To The Next Level

Having the ability to communicate with family and loved ones is important. It is part of what keeps us happy, and part of what motivates us daily. Without family and the love of others we are empty and often become detached from reality. This is even more important for those who are incarcerated. Studies have concluded that communication with family and loved ones on the outside may have a positive influence on an inmates behavior, and the way they interact with prison staff and fellow inmates. Being able to stay in touch with loved ones gives inmates something to look forward to, and helps keep them on the right track in hopes that they can soon return home.


In an attempt to help inmates remain in contact with their loved ones, world leader in prison technology and communications solutions Securus Technologies has released a new video visitation platform to inmates. Instead of the traditional telephone calling feature, users can now video chat with loved ones, much like skype, or the popular FaceTime feature by Apple. Video calling gives users the ability to put a smile with the words of their loved ones, or even a chance to peek into the place they once called home. In a recent vimeo post, we get to we the beauty of the new video visitation feature first hand. A father is elated to see his daughter moving and walking as he talks to her. Moments he may have otherwise missed due to incarceration, he is now able to be a part of. Happiness is all over his face, and his smile is bright enough to light up every cell in the prison. This without a doubt, is a perfect example of the power in communication.


Securus Technologies is a known as a world leader in precision technology and communications for their countless contributions to inmates and inmate facilities. Founded in 1986, Securus currently serves more than 3,000 correctional facilities and well over 1 million inmates, across the span of 48 states. Since their launch, Securus has committed themselves to delivering innovative technology solutions to correctional facilities in the areas of telecommunications, finance and administration. Their contributions have helped members of the prison staff run facilities more smooth and efficiently, by integration of technology with tradition prison practices. While life as an inmate is difficult, the commitment that Securus has made to keep families connected gives so many inmates the courage or motivation that they need to continue moving forward.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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    Quite good to know that securus has found out a way to establish communication between inmates and their loved ones from their place of comfort. Good that custom papers review are always there to assist members of the public with quality information about the latest developments in science. Communication is key for most people who are incarcerated and it might bring them comfort if established.

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